How To Sync Multiple Google Drive Accounts To A Desktop

Google Drive is a one stop solution for saving your files online, working online and sharing files seamlessly with multiple users. But if you are using multiple Google Drive accounts, at some point in time you might need to access all the accounts simultaneously. In such cases linking different google drive accounts to your frequently used main Google Drive account saves lot of time and energy.

Unfortunately, Google Drive does not have a standard feature to merge multiple accounts. However with a few workarounds and a stepwise methodology mentioned below, you can securely merge multiple Google accounts.

Steps to sync multiple google drive accounts using Google Drive on Web

Step 1: Sign in to your secondary Google Drive account, from which you want to sync files and folders to mail account.

Step 2: Create a new folder and move all the files & folders you want to sync to the main Google Drive account.

Step 3: Now go back to My Drive, right click on that folder and select Share option

Step 4: A dialogue box opens, enter the email address of your main google account. Give access to Can organize, add and edit.

A mail with invitation to collaborate is sent to your main Google Drive account

Step 5: Log in to main account and accept the invitation, it will redirect to google drive

Step 6: Go to Shared with me -> Right click on shared folder -> Select Add to My Drive

Now your secondary account is synced with Google Drive main account. You can access the content of secondary account at any point of time without signing into it. But if you have synced same files in your secondary account and desktop, there are chances of duplicate files ending up in primary account.

As you have synced primary account, secondary account and desktop, finding and deleting duplicate files is a tedious task. To solve this issue, use a duplicate file remover tool built for cloud storage. This software reduces the time and effort you have to spend in finding and deleting the duplicates.

Another method to sync your primary and secondary Google Drive account is by using Google Drive Backup and Sync application

How to sync multiple google drive accounts using Google Drive Backup and Sync:

Step 1: Go to Backup and Sync Icon -> 3 Vertical dots (Settings)

Step 2: Preferences -> Settings -> Disconnect Account -> Click OK

disconnect account

Step 3: Now open Backup and Sync application -> Sign in to Secondary Google Drive account

2nd account

Step 4: Select the folders to backup and sync to your Google drive account

Step 5: To all files and folders from your drive to computer Check Sync My Drive to this Computer or if you want particular folder to get synced to computer select the folders individually

Step 6: Click Next and select Continue to merge the new Google Drive files and folders to the existing Google Drive folder in your desktop

merge account

Step 7: On next window it shows number of files to be merged, Click Continue.

A common Google Drive account folder will be created for files and folders merged from multiple Google Drive accounts. You can access those files on Google Drive either through desktop app or web. But if you are adding or deleting files from your old Google Drive account, they will not be reflected into your new Google Drive folder. Because your old account is disconnected from Google Drive backup and sync application.

Since you have merged two Google Drive accounts to a computer there are chances of duplicate files or folders being created in any one of the drive accounts or on your computer. File duplication occurs due to saving same file in different accounts that are merged together.

Duplicate files occupy more space on your limited drive storage. To find and delete duplicate files on your drive, you can use an online duplicate file remover tool to delete the duplicate files on your drive storage.

Once all the files are synced between old and new Google drive accounts. You can start accessing your old Google Drive files and folders on your new account and on computer.

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