How to Recover NTFS Drive on Mac

Most Mac users operate NTFS drives as external drives rather than Mac internal drives. As always, external drives will be connected to various computers and frequently plugged in and out. Due to constant interchange between numerous computers, there are higher chances of data loss on them. For example, accidentally deleting or removing the NTFS drive without ejecting, or even damaged NTFS file system. Fortunately, this article has all the information you require to perform NTFS recovery on Mac. Please continue further to learn how to recover NTFS drive on a Mac computer.

Caution: Once you have confirmed the data loss on Mac, stop using the NTFS drive. Using the drive after data loss will result in overwriting of the data causing permanent data loss

Mac Data Recovery is never a complex process with Remo Recover for Mac. Designed with a simple user interface this data recovery tool makes restoring data from NTFS drives on Mac easy. Engineered with robust scan algorithm, Remo Recover for Mac works seamlessly on APFS, NTFS, HFS+ and even ExFAT formatted drives

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How is it Possible to Recover NTFS on Mac

NTFS file system holds metadata of the entire drive. Metadata is a collection of information about the contents of the drive. So, when a file is deleted from the drive it is marked as deleted in the metadata resulting in an invisible file.

To access the files that are stuck in the storage sector of NTFS drive you need a Mac data recovery tool. When you try to recover data from NTFS hard drive the Mac data recovery software will access the metadata and recovers lost or deleted data.

Unfortunately, there might be some data loss situations where even the metadata gets damaged. In such scenarios, you need to perform a raw file signature scan to locate and recover files from a NTFS volume.

Since it is established that you need a Mac data recovery software to restore NTFS volume on the Apple computer make sure you opt for a professionally recommended data recovery tool. A tool that can even perform a sector level raw signature search.

Integrated with methodical scan engine Remo Recover Mac will scan each and every storage sector and recovers data from mac external hard drive. So, please download and install Remo Recover for Mac and follow the instructions mentioned below.

Additional Information: Apart from NTFS if you can repair and recover data from APFS disk, click on the link to know more.

Steps for NTFS Recovery on Mac

  • Select Recover Volumes/ Drives option from the main screen in the next screen you will find two more options
    • Volume Recovery
    • Formatted/ Reformatted Recovery

  • Select Volume Recovery, in the next screen you can see all the storage drives listed 
  • Select the storage drive and click on next to scan for the volumes available on the storage drive

selecting drive while recovering NTFS drive on mac

  • After scanning software will list the volumes available on the drive. If any of the volumes are not listed, mark the first checkbox mentioned in the bottom to perform a raw signature scan and click on next.
  • In the next screen, you can see all the volumes available on NTFS drive. Select the desired volume and click on next

recovering NTFS volume on Mac

  • Select an advanced scan option. From the next screen select the file type you want to recover and click on next.
  • Once the scanning process is completed software will display the recovered files from NTFS drive. You can check the status of the recovered files through the preview option.

recovered files from mac NTFS drive

  • Confirming that the recovered files are healthy you can save files recovered from NTFS drive on your Mac computer.

Note: Files recovered through a raw signature scan may not be recovered with the same file name. 

Facts you Never knew About This Mac Data Recovery Software

  • Integrated with advanced scan algorithm Remo Recover will ensure no storage sector is left unscanned. You can also recover the files that are lost from the Mac guest user account.
  • With the help of define scan area, you have complete control over the range of hard drive you want to scan
  • Make use of Save Recovery session and Open Recovery session to pause and resume the recovery process at your will
  • Works seamlessly with all the file systems that include APFS, HFS+, and even NTFS, ExFAT file systems
  • Provides you constant updates so that software never encounters compatibility issues with the latest OS versions such as Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra.
  • Take complete advantage of the Preview option to make sure that all the data recovered from an NTFS volume is healthy before making the transaction.

Few Final Words

Compatibility between Windows and Mac is no longer an issue. With the latest updates on Mac OS, you can now access and read the file saved on NTFS drive using a Mac computer. Without these inter-platform incompatibilities, you can even recover data from NTFS drives on Mac. So if you encounter any such issue you can make use of this article to restore NTFS drive using a Mac computer. 

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