Repair Video Files Corrupted while Editing: A Video Editors Handbook

“I regularly edit videos on iMovie without any issues. But this time, I tried speeding one of the clips in the video. As soon as I did this, the clip got corrupted and didn’t appear on the preview screen on the right. I even undid the changes, closed the iMovie editor, and re-opened it, but nothing seems to help.”
Scenarios such as this are fairly common for users who edit videos on a regular basis. And this is a bad sign if you are working on a deadline or when you are time-crunched. Video editing in itself is a daunting task, imagine experiencing errors during this; it can make you feel all the more helpless and leave you annoyed.
If you are directly working on the source video file which is now corrupted, the only option left is to repair the edited video file that has gone corrupt.

Reasons for corruption of videos during editing (And how you can avoid them)

While speeding the video clip (like in the scenario above) may in some cases lead to corruption or damage, there are also other things that can go wrong in the editing process and lead to corruption.

  1. Power failure during a video edit
  2. Playing/editing/transferring videos multiple times
  3. Editing software crash
  4. Human errors during the video editing process

If  you have encountered any of the above-mentioned scenarios, in the section below, we will guide you will hassle-free solution on how to Repair video files corrupted while editing.

Remo Repair MOV is an integrated video repair tool that can help you repair and recover your video file that has gone corrupted during editing. In just a matter of three clicks, the software not only gives you a completely playable file but also makes sure that your precious source file is left untouched by creating repairs on a copy.

free-download-for-win free-download-for-mac

Power failure during a video edit

Power failure during editing or recording videos is a common reason for corruption in video files but it does not mean all power failures during these operations lead to corruption. It is all about the timing. What we mean by that is if the power failure occurs when the system is reading/writing from the storage media, then the chances of corruption is more.

Hence, as a responsible user, it is best to have a power backup, so we don’t have to deal with consequences. This will prevent corruption issues from power failure and surges and also protect your system.

Playing/editing/transferring videos excessively

Video files like any other file on the computer are stored in the form of billions of bits of 0’s and 1’s. So, each time you play/transfer/edit the video file, these 0’s and 1’s should be perfectly copied. Even if one bit is misplaced or copied improperly, you may see corruption issues in the file.

In order to avoid this problem, it is best to avoid playing/transferring/editing videos multiple times excessively. Also, it is best practise to avoid video editing on the source media where files are stored. Click on the link if you are looking to repair MP4 file header problem.


Software Crash While Editing:

If the editing software crashes frequently, it can leave your file corrupted and in a difficult-to-recover situation. Hence, it is important that you use a reliable video editing software. And also make sure the hardware requirements necessary for the editing software are met before using the tool.

If you use plugins for additional graphics or special effects, confirm that they are secure and come from a reliable manufacturer. Some plugins may require a higher processing capacity than others, so check if these basic requirements are met before using plugins and your editing software should work fine. By conforming to these basic measures, you can prevent the software from crashing and causing corruption issues.

Errors during the video editing process

Miss matched codec can cause synchronization issues with audio and video interface.  In order to solve this problem, you will first need to separate the file into smaller parts. Then decrease or increase the frame rate until it synchronizes with your audio file. Then the issue will be resolved.

In addition to this, you can also follow some good practices like having your video content all planned and chalked out before editing, so it doesn’t get messy when you actually edit the video.

Secondly, organize all your content like images, audio, video, subtitles, effects, etc. into folders and sub-folders so, you will find all the things you need during the editing process, consequently increasing the quality of your output video.

Bonus Tip: If you have a damaged video shot on iPhone, you can know more on repairing videos shot on iPhone.

Repair corrupt video (MOV or MP4) using video repair software

If you have a corrupt video file and nothing that you are trying seems to work. There is specialized video repair tool like Remo Repair MOV that can do the job for you. It is designed to repair MOV and MP4 files on both Windows and Mac machines. Whether it is an audio-video mismatch issue, low-quality audio, file format error, videos playing in slow motion or to fix audio in the video, they can all be repaired using Remo Repair MOV software.

Remo Repair MOV is specially designed to avoid any further harm to the corrupted video files (Original file). Remo Recover takes the reference of a healthy file to carefully analyze the corrupted video while fixing audio sync problems and video sync issues. The tool is also capable of repairing a truncated video file.

It is a great tool especially for fixing video errors caused due to codec mismatch as the tool reads the contents and separates the audio and video file. It then creates a brand new file by combining both audio and video streams post-repair, so the original video file remains untouched. This tool can also repair MOV file header issue and efficiently perform as a DJI video fixer tool too.

In the next section, let us see the procedure to repair video files corrupted while editing.

How to Repair video files corrupted while editing

In order to repair MOV files corrupted while editing, your first step is to download Remo Repair MOV. Later install it on your computer. Choose the Windows version if you are on Windows machine and Mac version if you are using a Mac.

  • Launch the software and click on the Healthy File button to select a healthy MOV or MP4 file
    select a healthy file to repair a video that got corrupted while editing
  • Click on Corrupted File to select the corrupt MOV or MP4 file to be repaired
    select the corrupt video file to repair it with reference to the healthy file
  • Then click the Repair button for the software to begin the repair process
    wait for the software to repair the corrupted video
  • Once the repair process completes, you can enjoy a preview of the repaired file and finally click Save to save it on any preferred location
    save the repaired video to your desired location
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