How To Fix and Recover Files From Corrupted CF Card?

Updated on August 27, 2021

Remo Photo Recovery is a user-friendly tool, capable of recovering more than 300 file formats. This recovery tool can restore photos, videos, and other media files from corrupt CF cards in just a few clicks. Download this Corrupted CF card recovery tool now!!!

Compact Flash card is commonly renowned as CF cards and used in devices like digital cameras, camcorders, and other electronic gadgets because of its high storage capacity, reliability, fast data transfer rate, etc. Apart from this, it can also save high-resolution photos, videos, and audio easily.

In spite of the above features, CF cards are prone to corruption. At times, when you connect the corrupt CF card to your Windows or Mac system via card reader it pops up an error message saying “corrupt CF card” or “drive not accessible”, etc.

Table of contents:

  1. Corrupt CF card recovery using Remo Recover
  2. Common reasons for CF card corruption
  3. Fix corrupt CF card on Windows and Mac

Is your CF card corrupt or unreadable?

If yes, then the foremost thing to do is to remove your corrupted CF card if it is connected to any device and avoid saving any new data like photos, videos, audio, text documents, etc. This will increase the chances of recovering corrupted CF card data successfully.

Note: Note: Most Windows users run the CHKDSK function and Mac users run first aid recovery, which are in-built tools to repair a corrupt or unreadable CF card on Windows and Mac respectively. But remember running CMD or disk utility function cannot help you recover files from unreadable SD card or CF card. Instead, it might prevent corrupted CF card recovery if you wrongly execute any step. The ultimate purpose of these in-built repair tools is only to repair minor CF card corruption and not to recover data from it.

Corrupted compact flash card recovery:

If you have lost data like photo files, video files, text documents, etc. from a corrupted CF card. Then use Remo Photo Recovery software (Windows / Mac) to perform corrupted CF card recovery with ease.

This Remo Card recovery tool is designed with built-in advanced scanning programs to scan the entire corrupted CF card within a few steps to recover all types of lost files like images, video clips, text documents, etc. easily.

Remo Photo Recovery software is the exceptional tool, that recognizes more than 300 file types such as photos, videos, etc. not only from corrupted CF card but also from other corrupted storage devices like SD card, Pen drive, External hard drive, Internal hard drive, SDD, etc.

How To Recover Files From Corrupted CF Card?

Download and install Remo Photo Recovery software on your computer and connect the Corrupted CF card to the PC via card reader or any other medium. And follow the below steps to recover files from corrupted CF card.

Step 1: Launch Remo Photo Recovery tool on your system and select the Recover Photos option to recover corrupted CF card.

Note: Select Recover Partitions option if the CF card is formatted or severely corrupt.

Corrupted CF card recovery

Step 2: Select the corrupt CF card to recover lost or deleted files from it, and click the Scan option to perform corrupted CF card recovery.

Corrupted CF card recovery process

(Note: Now, this Corrupted CF card recovery software starts scanning the corrupted CF card and recovers files from it. It is recommended to make use of the Deep Scan option if the corruption of the CF card is severe.)

Step 3: Preview the recovered photos and videos from corrupted CF card by double-clicking on them for free. And click the Save option to restore files to the desired location.

Preview Corrupted CF card photos recovered

Remo Corrupted compact flash drive recovery tool can restore raw-image and photos file formats like BMP, PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF and many more and video file formats like MOV, MP4, AVI, FLV, 3GP, and etc. from corrupted CF card on all latest versions of operating systems like Windows 10 and macOS Catalina.

Why is my compact flash card not working or corrupted?

  • Inappropriate handling of CF card: If you suddenly eject your CF card while transferring the data to a computer or during the CF card read/write process, etc. it can lead to CF card corruption resulting in the inaccessibility of photos, videos, and documents saved on it.
  • Virus Attack: Virus-like Trojan, Malware, Spy ware, Adware, etc. are the most common reasons behind CF card corruption. Generally, if you often connect your compact flash card to the virus-infected devices leads to CF card corruption.
  • File system failure: The file system manages the data saved on the drive. Any damage to the file system corrupts the CF card. Thus file system failure makes the CF card undetectable on the computer system which leads to data loss.
  • Other Reasons: Using the same CF card on multiple gadgets, failed synchronization of the CF card data, viewing photos or videos when the CF card’s memory is full, etc. can lead to CF card corruption.

How to Repair compact flash card?

Repairing a damaged or corrupt CF card is similar to fixing corrupt SD card on Windows or Mac. If you have tried manual methods to repair a corrupt CF card such as assigning a new letter to the CF card drive or running a command prompt, it might not help you if the severity of corruption is very high. In such cases, the only thing you can do is to format the corrupt CF card using the below method. Make sure you have recovered your CF card data using Remo Recover before you implement the method as it leads to a data loss scenario.

Fix corrupt CF card on Windows:

  • Connect your CF card to a Windows computer
  • Type: cmd in the Windows search box
  • Open the command prompt as Run as Administrator
  • Type: diskpart in the command prompt window
  • Type: list disk and press Enter
  • Type: select disk 1 and press Enter
    Note: Replace 1 with the corrupt CF card drive letter
  • Type: clean and press Enter
  • Type: create partition primary and press Enter
  • Type: select disk 1 and press Enter
    Note: Again replace 1 with your corrupt or damaged CF card drive number
  • Type: active to make the CF card partition activate
  • Type: format fs = NTFS or format fs = fat32 and press Enter
  • Type: assign letter = F
  • After this, type exit to complete the method

Fix corrupt CF card on Mac:

  • Connect your corrupt CF card to Mac
  • Go to Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility
  • Select the CF card which you want to format and click the Erase option
  • Provide a new name to your CF card (optional)
  • Click the Format option and choose the format type
    Note: Select exFAT if you want to make it compatible with both Windows and Mac. Otherwise, you can select MS-DOS (FAT)
  • Click on the Erase option. Now, your corrupt CF card will be formatted by your Mac device

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