An Easy Way to Recover Permanently Deleted Files On Windows

At times, you delete some important files accidentally from your computer. Furthermore, you might have used “Shift + Delete” function to delete them Permanently or emptied the Recycle Bin just to get free disk space.

Whatever be the case, the trouble arises when you want those files back. Here’s an easy way to get back permanently deleted files on Windows.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files

Remo Recover is a simple yet smart data recovery software, which retrieves permanently deleted files from your windows PC. As the deleted remains in the PC unless it is overwritten, Remo deleted file recovery software specially designed algorithm is capable of identifying those files and restores them. Without further ado, let’s see how to recover deleted files with this recovery program.

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Step-by-Step Instructions with Images to Recover Permanently Deleted Files

Download and install Trial Version of Remo Recover (Windows). This program allows you to preview the files that are recoverable in a hierarchical pattern. Once, you purchase the software, you can save the files in a location of your choice. Click on the images to expand it for more visual grasp.

Step 1: Run Remo Recover.

Step 2: Choose Recover Files. Hit Next button as in recover permanently deleted files 1

Step 3: Select Recover Deleted Files. Click on the next arrow recover permanently deleted files 2

Step 4: Choose the Drive/Partition from which the files were deleted recover permanently deleted files 3

Here the software scans the selected Drive/Partition for deleted files displays recoverable file list

Step 5: Either choose File Type View to recover specific files or Data View to recover all files and folders recover permanently deleted files 4

Step 6: Select desired location to save the recovered files. Make sure you choose a different location from the original location where it was before

Step 7: Preview the recovered files recover permanently deleted files 5

Step 8: click on Save Recovery Session to end the recovery process recover permanently deleted files 6

Tips to Save Yourself from Losing Deleted Files Permanently

"Always have a backup of all important files and folders either using in-built Windows Backup or in an external storage drive. Apart from that you can also save a copy of those files in cloud services like One Drive, Dropbox or Google Drive"