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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning’s rapid evolution is not only making your lives easier at workplace but also helping you to innovate and improve productivity. Microsoft is addressing this need through the collaboration of OneDrive for Business and SharePoint to help you to improve your productivity, make more informed decision making and enhance your security. This article is an insight on the smart features of Microsoft making it the smartest place to store your data.

What are 8 smart features of Microsoft 365:

  1. Efficiently search images, audios and videos: You have a huge amount of data stored in OneDrive and SharePoint in the form of images, audios and videos. Now, with the help of Artificial Intelligence Microsoft will fetch you the details of images like where the image was taken, recognizing text in the image and also recognizing objects in the text.
    You can use the above parameters to search your images just the way you search for a document. This feature is applicable to audio and video files stored on OneDrive and SharePoint.
  2. Write Smartly in PowerPoint: Microsoft has improved the shape and text recognition capabilities of PowerPoint to help you create more content in a natural way. With this Microsoft 365 users can convert any handwritten letters or words into text and use them in the slides. Not just texts, you can draw or sketch your entire slide and convert all your drawings to slides. Creativity gets its place in professional work.
  3. Handwriting in Word: We all use touchscreen devices, to make the most use of it Microsoft 365 users can now use handwritten texts in their Word document. You can easily split the paragraphs into multiple lines and also insert words between existing words.
    All these can be done using a pen based gesture which helps you to naturally work with the documents and also allows you to quickly edit them.
  4. Audio and Video Transcriptions: Microsoft with the help of Artificial Intelligence that is available in Microsoft Stream, is all set to launch a new feature that provides automated transcription services for video and audio files stored on OneDrive and SharePoint.
    Once the video is uploaded on to Microsoft Stream it will be available across the organization. Along with the transcription services you will also get the in-video face detection and automatic captions. No third party services are included here and the security of your data is taken care as your data is not going out of Microsoft cloud.
  5. Smart file recommendations: Microsoft is coming up with the new files view for OneDrive and Office home page which recommends relevant files to you. The suggestions you receive is based on intelligence of Microsoft Graph which will understand what you work, with whom you work and also based on your activity on the content shared across Microsoft 365.
    Artificial intelligence is taking your work experience with Microsoft 365 as it smartly recommends you the files stored on OneDrive and SharePoint understanding the context of what you are working.
  6. Smart Sharing: Imagine you are in a meeting planning strategies on a whiteboard and you take a picture of it in your mobile app. OneDrive app notifies you a suggestion to share that picture with your colleagues in the meeting based on Outlook calendar.
    Other instances like sharing a presentation with the attendees in front of whom you just presented it, this way sharing any file across Microsoft 365 has become easier and smarter. This kind of intelligent sharing is available only for the data you have stored on OneDrive and SharePoint which allows you to quickly share information across the workplace to keep everyone informed.
  7. File Insights: Microsoft is understanding the fact that nobody like to read long content and most of you will only focus on highlights of the content. Hence they released this new update which provides the access statistics for any file stored on OneDrive and SharePoint. This allows you to look into who has seen the file, actions taken on that file and this helps you to take your next action.
    Microsoft is planning to bring this feature into native Office application later this year. Along with this, the insight will also provide you an inside look into the content of files giving you important information at a glance like time to read and key points from the document to directly go into the required section of the document.
  8. Files restore for OneDrive: Security has become the biggest concern for everyone in the world where ransomware attacks are becoming very common. To protect you from this kind of attacks Microsoft released OneDrive files restore integrated with Windows Defender Antivirus for personal and business users. This will not only protect you from ransomware attacks but also helps you in remediation and file recovery. You can keep your worries about security at bay with machine learning and 30 days of file history available to protect you from any possible attacks. File Restore and Windows Defender Antivirus integration is available for Office 365 Home, Office 365 Personal and OneDrive for Business users.

All these new features of Microsoft is aiming at making your Microsoft 365/Office 365 experience better. There are many issues that users are facing  while using Microsoft’s cloud storage services like OneDrive an SharePoint .One such problem that is evident by Microsoft user community forum is duplicate data in OneDrive. There are many reasons behind the generation of duplicate data on your OneDrive but the common solution everyone thinks is to delete every duplicate one by one. The process of removing duplicate files in OneDrive is not an easy task on which Microsoft’s smart AI and machine learning should work on to give users a solution.

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