3 Effective methods to Fix Corrupt Master File Table

Master file table (MFT) is a database that stores information of every file and directory in the NTFS volume. The information varies from the file name, location, size to date of file creation. In short, MFT acts as a directory and records all information of files in the file system.

For instance, When you create a file in a partition or the volume, the Master file table gets updated instantly and its size also increases proportionally. Similarly, when you delete a file space where the file resides is marked for reuse.
With this article, you will know what a Master File Table is and what are the reasons behind MFT corruption with a simple DIY solution on how to fix the master file table corruption.

What causes Master File Table Corruption?

Below are some of the scenarios that can lead to a corrupt master file table CHKDSK aborted error.

  • Improper formatting of the Disk
  • Blue screen of death error
  • Virus attack or malware infection to the computer can lead to MFT on
  • Bad Sectors on the hard drive can also corrupt an MFT

It is strictly recommended to stop using the computer or hard drive after encountering the Corrupt MFT error. This will ensure further damage to the Master File Table.

How to Fix a Corrupt Master file table?

To fix a corrupt Master file table, follow the below-mentioned methods one after the other. If you have already lost data due to MFT corruption, you can check on how to recover NTFS partition after MFT corruption.

Repair Corrupt Master File Table with CHKDSK Utility

  1.  Right-click the drive or partition with a corrupt master file table and choose Properties
  2. Go to Tools and click on Check
  3. Next click on Scan Drive

After completion of the process, restart your system and see if you have fixed the MFT corruption. If you are still encountering the error, then go to the next method.

Usually, the CHKDSK utility will fix the master file table corruption, but if you still encounter the error even after following method 1.

It is recommended to try method 2 and 3. In the section below you will learn how to fix the master file table after the CHKDSK aborted error.

Use Fix Mbr Command to Repair MFT (Master boot record)

To start with this method to ix a corrupt Master File table,  you need to enter the System Recovery Options screen.

  • Connect a bootable USB drive to your computer, restart PC and press F2 or F8 to enter the BIOS setup
  • Go to the Startup or Boot column and set the computer to boot from your new drive. Save the changes and restart your PC
  • The user will receive an on-screen message, follow and select Repair your Computer when you get to the System Recovery Options window.
  • Select "Command Prompt" to open a command prompt window. Type bootrec.exe and press Enter.
  • The parameter /FixMbr allows the repair of a corrupted Master Boot Record.

How to Recover Data with Remo Recover before Formatting the Disk?

Even after following the above-mentioned methods, if you failed to fix the corrupt master file table, then you will have to format the disk completely. However, the formatting of the disk leads to permanent data loss.

Hence it is recommended to recover data from the drive and then format the disk for reuse or any purpose. In order to recover data from a partition with MFT corruption, you will need the help of professional partition recovery software like Remo.

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How to Format the Disk after MFT Corruption

  1. Click on This PC or Disk managementfix a corrupt Master file table
  2. Right-click on the Partition or Drive
  3. Click on Format
  4.  After following the above methods you will be able to set the volume, file system and the allocation unit size of your desire.


MFT corruption on a partition or drive can happen due to various reasons that are mentioned in the above article. With all the methods cited in the above article, you should be able to fix the corrupt master file table. However, it is always recommended to have a regular backup to avoid data loss due to unforeseen scenarios.

Do let us know if you were successful in repairing the corrupt Master file table or if you have any questions regarding MFT corruption in the comment section below.

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