How to Access Data on RAW Drive

Access Data on RAW Drive

  • SD Card or HDD is not accessible, the type of the file system is RAW
  • unable to run chkdsk on the disk
  • The disk in drive X: is not formatted.
  • The volume does not contain a recognized file system
  • Drive X:\ not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.

These kind of errors while accessing a drive will block your access to data stored on the drive. Usually when your drive is Raw you receive these sort of errors. RAW drive / partition is a state of drive, where OS fails to recognize the drive’s file system. Hence, you cannot access the drive in turn you lose data.

Nevertheless, here are few solutions which will guide you in accessing your data from a RAW drive. Read further…

Use Remo Recover Tool to Access Data from Drives Showing RAW

Remo Recover Windows (Pro) tool will scan your entire drive and recovers all your data even from RAW drive. The tool is user-friendly and UI is so simple to use, you don’t need any technical specialists to get access to your data. To access the data from drive, you need to first download Remo Recover Tool, Install and Launch the tool. Then just follow the below explained steps:

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  1.  From the main screen first select ‘Recover Drives’ option
  2. Now choosePartition Recovery’option to restore RAW drive data
  3. The tool will show all the drives on your PC, select the one required
  4. Remo Recover will start scanning and lists all partitions, here choose the partition which was showing RAW
  5. Here, you can specify particular type of file / file type which you need, if not found you can edit / add the file types. In case you need all then, press ‘SKIP
  6. Scanning session will begin once, completed all recovered files will be displayed. Just ‘Preview’ them and if satisfied save the files at any location of your choice

With these steps, you can easily access data from RAW drives/partitions too. The tool will even come in handy to recover data from a formatted/ partitioned drive. You can use this tool even to recover data from laptop drives, hard drives, external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, etc. it works well on all the latest Windows versions including Windows 10.

Convert RAW drive to NTFS

NOTE: Before following this solution, take backup of all data using Remo Recover Tool, else there are chances of permanent loss of files.
  1.  Open My Computer (This PC) or Disk Management, and right-click RAW drive
  2.  Here, chose select "Format".
  3.  then, select the NTFS file system and provide all required details like allocation unit size, volume label, format options, etc.
  4. Once done, click Start this will convert/reformat your RAW drive to NTFS

After completion of the process, you will be able to your drive and start using it. However, with this step, your data will be erased. So, before performing this solution, make sure you have a complete backup of your data. For this, you need to use solution 1 to restore back all data inaccessible form.

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