How to prevent freezing and rebooting issues during Windows start-up?

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Ever wonder how to eliminate Windows startup problems? It’s really distressing to see the Windows PCs freezing itself during startup. Not just freezing, sometimes it even enters into the rebooting loop i.e. continuously boots itself again and again. These situations might even result in losing your vital data. Hence, you need to be more careful and try to prevent such issues.

However, there is no need to worry about such issues as you can prevent them easily by following few precautionary measures. Here are some easy tips you could follow to prevent these Windows startup problems.

Kill the threats (Virus / Malware / Trojan) on your Windows PC

When your Windows system is infected by any threats like virus / Trojan / malware, which could enter into your PC's memory, infect all your files on memory and thus occupying much system resources. Due to the lack of system resource badly, your PC will start freezing and in the worst case, it could even make your Windows to reboot thus, damaging all data on your hardware. Therefore, killing these threats on your PC timely is very important. For this you need to use powerful anti-virus software that could detect these threats and keep updating the software regularly.

Fix Windows Registry

Windows PCs consists of a very important component called Registry that is the key to all programs running on your system. The registry component contains immense volume of registry data important to run Windows faster at startup as well as throughout the computing process. Hence, optimize registry regularly with proper registry maintenance tool, to do that scan your registry to find the errors and fix them.

Uninstall / Remove Windows Live ID Services

It has been seen in many PCs that due to the Windows Live ID services, Windows startup causes freezing and rebooting especially during the startup. If you are not using these services regularly then uninstall them easily through Control Panel option to fix Windows freezing and rebooting issues.

Disable some or all of the Startup programs:

When you start your computer, some software will be installed on your computer which is configured to start with the startup process. This puts a load during the boot and a computer running Windows could freeze on startup and thus delays the entire process. Incase if these programs become corrupt or faulty, then your system might enter into a loop of system boot. Hence, you need to disable these programs.

To disable these programs you can press Start > Type Msconfig in Search or Run > Startup > Choose Disable All or Select Services to Disable them individually.

Upgrade your RAM

If you are running Windows on your old system then make sure that it has at least 1 GB RAM space available. However, in addition to scanning your system registry regularly it is better to upgrade it further to 2 or 4 GB.

Try to Enable the Super-fetching option

In some Windows PCs there occurs rebooting issues because the super-fetching option is disabled. You can enable it in the following way:

  • Start > Search > Regedit >
  • Now locate this sub key: HLKM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SessionManager\MemoryManagement\PrefetchParameters
  • In the right pane, double click on “EnablePrefetcher” option
  •  Then change the value to 2 and click OK.
  • Again form the right-pane, double click “EnableSuperfetch” feature and change the value to 2 and click OK
  • Now exit the PC registry editor and restart your system.

Update your Outdated Drivers

If your system is quite old then it might have some outdated drivers. Just update all your computer drivers to enhance the boot-up process of your computer.

Conserve your operating system at a stable time

Your PC will need an optimization at a stable time so that you can have a smooth PC performance.

Hide your system files

Windows startup needs few files like, msdos.sys, io.sys, and things like that. If those important files are damaged or deleted by mistake, your system could encounter a big problem like rebooting itself repeatedly or might freeze. Thus, it is recommended to hide such files from the operating system so that you won't freeze up your system or block the smooth running of some applications.

Close all the applications before shutting the system:

If you shut down the system without closing or terminating all the programs normally then there are chances of freezing your Windows when you start up the Windows next time. Thus, make sure all the applications are closed properly before turning off the PC.

Careful while deleting software files

While uninstalling the unwanted software, be cautious! This is because; there are chances of deleting the files that are by system files or some other applications. In case you delete them, then this may cause rebooting issues on your system during Windows startup.

These are the few important tips for preventing freezing and rebooting of your Windows during start up. Under some circumstances, you might encounter same problems due to some unknown reasons. In such cases there are huge chances of losing your vital files from the Windows systems. In such cases you can just make use of the best recovery tool like Remo Recover Windows and perform file restoration with in few minutes. However, it’s always advisable to take precautionary measures and follow the above explained tips to prevent the Windows startup problems.

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