How to Recover Photos and Videos from Hasselblad Camera?

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Hasselblad is one of the renowned camera brands that capture stunning photos and videos with several unique features and qualities, leaving a significant mark on the world of photography. Losing them would be a terrible loss. If you find yourself in a similar situation, then try Remo Recover for retrieving photos from your Hasselblad camera.

Remo Recover is intuitive and efficient, allowing you to restore those images in no time. It is available on both Windows and Mac for free.

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Hasselblad is one of the legendary cameras that has got a vast history that proves their way ahead of any other camera brands, They were used on Apollo missions to World War II. Hasselblad makes some of the premium cameras like X2D 100C, 907X 50C, H6D-400C.

Hasselblad recommends that photographers use CFast or SDXC for better handling of Photo and Video bandwidth requirements, and currently, DJI holds a 100% stake in Hasselblad.

What to do if I Lost Photos from My Hasselblad Camera?

You don’t have to press the panic button. If you can’t locate your pictures, then the first place you head straight is to “Recently Deleted.”

If you find lost or deleted pictures, you can click on Restore to save them back to their original location.

If you can’t locate any of the pictures and videos over there, then you need to stop using the camera memory card right away and must opt for a powerful and efficient data recovery tool that can recover photos and videos from Hasselblad cameras.

Is there a way to retrieve photos that were deleted on a camera card?

I had my camera plugged into the computer, and all of a sudden, everything vanished from the card. I'm having a panic attack because I took photos last night that I won't be able to take again.

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Recover Photos from Hasselblad Camera Using Remo Recover

Remo Recover is one of the efficient recovery tools that can bring back all your photos from Hasselblad cameras with a few simple clicks.

The tool is built with advanced scanning features that can make recovering photos from the Hasselblad camera a walk in the park. It can even understand and recover deleted 3FR Raw files from Hasselblad cameras, from simple deletion to severe corrupted issues.

It is easy for me to say that Remo Recover is a complete recovery tool as it can recover all sorts of complex raw images like CR2 Image recovery, NEF file recovery to commonly used JPEG files, GIF files, Audio and Video formats, and many more.

Recovered camera SD cards pics

I erased my pics on my camera SD card, two weeks later i realised i forgot tot upload a whole shoot onto my computer. Irreplacable footage was lost. Then i used Remo software and was able to recover the files. I was so relieved!!

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Steps to Perform Hasselblad Camera Recovery Using Remo Recover

Remo Recover can recover up to 500+ file formats in the easiest way possible, even if you are a first-time user.

Step 1: Download and Install Remo Recover on your computer.

Step 2: Connect the camera or the storage device on which the Hasselblad camera photos were stored.

Note📌: If you couldn’t locate the device on the home screen, click on Can’t find the drive? To locate it.

Home window of Remo Recover

Step 3: Click on Scan, and within a few seconds QuickScan will be completed in no time. You can click on Dynamic Recovery View to see the initially recovered photos from the Hasselblad camera.

click on dynamic recovery view to see the recovered photos

Step 4: Recovered Photos and Videos from the Hasselblad camera will be under Deleted Files or Lost and Found Files folders.
Tip💡: Use Advanced Filter and Search box features to easily locate recovered photos and videos.

View the photos and videos as they are being recovered

Step 5: Double-click on the recovered photos and videos to preview them for free, and click on Recover to save the data on your device.

Preview the recovered images from the Hasselblad camera

Caution 🛑:  Save the recovered photos in a different location from the previous one to avoid losing the data again.

NOTE:  Please refer to the attached articles for an understanding of how to recover photos from a Fujifilm camera and retrieve deleted photos from a Sony digital camera.

If you are concerned in the first place about why you lost your precious photos from your Hasselblad camera. There are a few common reasons for those, and you take precautionary measures that you can take to keep your pictures and videos safe.

Bonus: Causes and Precautions to Avoid Photo Loss from Hasselblad Camera

Accidental Deletion
When mishandling camera controls or accidentally deleting a picture while removing duplicate images.
Ensure you organize the photos and videos well and confirm twice before deleting pictures from your camera.
There are situations where the hosting device prompts like format the memory card, or you may encounter formatting errors on your memory card. Otherwise, you might accidentally format a device containing all the important images.
Keep a dedicated SD card for your Hasselblad camera, and make sure you buy a brand one that’s well-built and best suited for your camera model.
Corruption issues
If any virus or malware infects your memory card or if you remove your memory card from the device without ejecting them will corrupt your images.
Make a habit of taking periodic backups of all your important photos and videos so that your photos and videos are always safe irrespective of any errors on your device or your memory card.
Power intervenes
Capturing pictures with a low-battery camera, which can shut down unexpectedly at any moment, may result in image loss on your Hasselblad camera.
Check your battery status constantly while taking pictures or videos on your Hasselblad camera, and always have power backup.

Additionally, Physical damage or software glitches can also cost your photos on your Hasselblad camera.


Losing a picture is very irritating. Most of the moments you captured are non-recreational. If you are looking to recover photos from Hasselblad cameras, then you can rely on Remo Recover. 

It is easy to use and powerful to easily get almost all the files you lost from your Hasselblad camera. Download the tool for free and start your recovery journey. The tool is more than a simple photo and video recovery tool.

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