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How to use Windows 10 Photos App?

using windows 10 photos app

Windows 10’ default Photos app is more or less similar to Mac’s Photos app than any of the photo editing programs present in Windows before. This program replaced “Windows Photo Viewer” which was the default program for opening raster images in Windows. Some new Windows 10 users are really frustrated about this change – and there’s no direct option to revert to the old program. Perhaps, this frustration might come from lesser knowledge about the new program. So before trying any of the new programs or attempting to roll back to Windows Photo Viewer, try Photos app once – it

How to Fix Storage Device Not Working Using Diskpart on Windows 10

Even though you took thousands of precautions to keep your drive fit and running, we know it is almost certain to encounter an error message at some point of time. And while many of us aren’t tech genius fixing those issues isn’t easy, we all look for help. But, without a proper understanding of the problem, sometimes things may backfire. So let’s start with the problem first… What might go wrong when your storage device is not working? So you’ve been running late for a very important presentation and suddenly your computer freezes. Basically it isn’t a PC problem, because

Sooner or later your hard drive will die! Here’s how you can protect your data

The average lifespan of a conventional hard drive is from six to eight year, it can work lot more than that or it can wear out way before the average time. But those would be the cases when either the drive experiences some external damage or the manufacturer has made some blunder. Set up a mirrored volume and protect your information! Life of a Hard Drive You might have seen the hard drive of your computer making chirp noises while working; this is expected from a hard drive that has been functional from a long time. A hard drive has

How to Find any Email on Outlook 2016?

find any email on Outlook 2016

Instant Email search has been the part of Outlook since its 2007 version. And, it’s not limited to just emails – you can even search for calendar items, tasks, etc. In Outlook 2016, email finding process is much easy. Steps are described below. 1. Make sure that you’re in your email inbox. For that, the mail icon on the left column of Outlook window should be selected. If the compact navigation option isn’t turned ON, you’ll see icons like this. 2. Find the search box. It’ll be located on the top of your email list. 3. If you are sure

7 Useful Tips for Managing Backups of Back Up

managing backups

Once a backup is created, don’t sit back and relax, it’s not the ultimate solution for the safety of your data. Your single backup is always under threat which can lead to the losing, deletion, and corruption of your data. Here we will discuss some of the crucial aspects of loss of backups and helpful tips for their management. Why do Backups Fail? Many times, we find our backups jeopardized and lost without fulfilling its true purpose, and that would be the recovery of all our data. It happens due to many reasons like Inefficiency of the backup plan Corruption

How to Get Windows Photo Viewer Back in Windows 10?

get windows photo viewer back in windows 10

Windows 10’s new Photos app has a lot of new features as an image editing tool. Well, if you don’t want to pay for costly image editing tools such as Photoshop or lightroom, this little tool can assist you – up to an extent. But many of the habitual Windows users are against one action from Microsoft – that replaced Windows Photo Viewer as the default application to open images. It’s the new Photos app that replaced Windows Photo Viewer. And unfortunately, there are no easy ways to roll back this action. But, you can do it, if you’re willing

Why External Hard Drives Are Not Enough for Your data Backup Plan?

Every day, we all have an innumerable amount of information and data coming in and it has become a necessity to have an external hard drive as your backup. Especially, with systems crash, accidental deletion of data and virus attack common in a work environment. What you want is a reliable – complete protection for your data? You have important files to back up, it goes from few MBs to TBs, and it keeps growing until your hard drive is completely filled. At this moment what you can’t afford is losing those precious files, that’s why you brought another hard

The Best Security Features of macOS Sierra

security features of macos sierra

We’ve discussed various pros and cons of macOS Sierra through a series of articles. But, we haven’t covered a very important aspect of mac Sierra that Apple wants to put on top – security. Here’re some of the best of macOS Sierra’s security and privacy features. Welcoming HTML5 In Sierra, Apple has brought up a big change in Safari’s setting. It’ll no longer reveal the installed plugin data to other websites. Adobe Flash plugin will be turned off by default to encourage websites to use HTML5 based videos. Its reason is simple – Flash is easily exploitable than HTML5. Most

USB Drive Missing in Windows? Here’s How to Find It

At times, the powerful Windows might just not recognize your USB drive, SD cards or any sort of memory cards when connected. Though this issue is not new with Windows, thankfully there are few methods to detect your missing USB drive on Windows. Make Missing/Undetectable USB Drive Detectable Method #1: Use Disk Management When you connect the USB drive to your computer, it should automatically detect the device, if it doesn’t then check the Disk Management tool. If you are using Windows 8/10, right-click the start icon and choose Disk Management. If you are using Windows 7, hit Windows +

What Everyone Ought to Know About Image Resolution

Some common misconceptions in digital imaging may lead you to a shaky execution of your ideas in your photos; let’s dig into the conceptions and technicality of Image resolution. All of us are acquainted with the term, ‘image resolution’ at some point in time. The way it is projected creates a vague perception of its meaning. And most of us evaluate the capacity of a digital device to resolve image by the term megapixel or pixel capacity. Well, it’s not the ultimate parameter to judge the resolution of your image. A huge number of pixels in your image might or