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You may encounter error messages when you try to read, send, or receive email messages in Outlook. A standard error is ‘An unknown Outlook error Ox8004019 has occurred’. This error is mainly caused due to corruption in the Outlook data file .pst.

Outlook saves your emails, attachments, contacts, etc., in a computer backup file. This backup file is called a PST file. These files can get corrupted due to various reasons. A system crash or oversized PST files are the most common reasons for corruption in these files.

Note: If you ever lose or accidentally delete your Outlook PST file. Then, you can refer to this complete guide on PST file recovery.

How to resolve the error Ox8004019?

Step 1: Use Scanpst.exe

Outlook has a built-in repair tool called Scanpst.exe. To use this tool, you must first find the location of the .pst file.

  1. Go to Run by pressing Windows + R
  2. Type Control Panel and hit Enter
  3. Click on Mail > Show Profiles
  4. Select the Outlook profile with issues and click on Properties
  5. Click Data files and make note of the default PST file (The default PST file is the one with a black circle and a checkmark)

The location of the Scanpst tool is different for each Outlook version. Go to this PC and type Scanpst.exe in the search bar. Then, double-click on the tool and type the location of the .pst file. Click on Start to begin the repair process.

Step 2: Remo Repair Outlook (PST)

If Scanpst.exe does not repair your file, it is probably severely corrupted. In such cases, you need professional tools to repair your PST files. Remo Repair PST is a great tool to fix corrupt PST files. The software uses a non-destructive mechanism, meaning the file's contents are extracted, issues are fixed, and healthy files are generated. So, your original file is not damaged in any way.

Other features of Remo Repair PST

  1. The software repairs corrupted, inaccessible, and oversized PSTs.
  2. It can also repair password-protected or compressed PST files.
  3. It generates the repaired PST file in 2003-2016 Outlook format for easy importing.
  4. Provides a preview of all restored files in Outlook Style Browser.
  5. It supports all versions of Outlook and Windows, including Windows 10.
  6. Using the tool, you can recover deleted emails and folders in Outlook. The article on how to recover deleted folder in Outlook explains the recovery process in detail.

Steps to fix PST file using Remo Repair Outlook

Download and install Remo Repair Outlook (PST) on your system. Run the application and select the PST file. Select from the 2 scanning options – Normal or Advanced Scan. Then click on Repair to start the repair process. Once the process is complete, preview the recovered items.

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