Save Outlook Emails on Windows and Mac Hard Drive

Using Microsoft Outlook is a great experience for every person. All the emails that you receive are stored in a cloud storage for of Outlook. Every time you launch Outlook, it loads the locally stored emails for you. Keeping in mind, the security of your emails in terms of failure to reach the emails, it is a best practice to save Outlook emails on your hard drive. Some of the most important things to take care of include the safety of your important emails.

Whether you are using Outlook on mac or PC, you can always opt for saving the emails on your hard drive. Outlook keeps all the emails in a container file called Personal Storage or PST file in Windows. if you are using Mac, this file is called OLM or Outlook for Mac file. The interface, however, is almost similar in both the operating systems.

You can always take MS Outlook data file Backup on your hard drive. This decreases the chances of losing your precious emails. Here are some simple steps you can take to make sure your Outlook emails are secure on the hard drive of your computer.

Backup Outlook Emails: Mac

If you are using an Apple computer, then here is how you can get a backup of your Outlook emails easily. Make sure there is connectivity in your computer and try to avoid using other programs during the backup.

1 – Launch the Outlook application from the Outlook icon and update all the emails.

2 – Go to File > Export, on your Mac computer

3 – Select objects to backup from the Export Window – You can select contacts, calendars, Notes etc. Make sure the Outlook for Mac data file or OLM file is checked. You can select all the fields to back up if you intend a full backup. If you do not want to get a contact and other backups, you can simply uncheck and proceed with just the .olm file.

4 – Click Export

5 -  The system prompts for a place to save the .olm file backup. You can select a convenient location and secure the emails from outlook.

You can take the backup anywhere on your computer memory or an external memory unit. It is very important to keep a track of your emails. And also to take a regular backup of your emails is one of the most important practices.

Outlook Emails Backup: Windows

If you are using Windows and want to take a backup of Outlook emails on your computer, follow the instructions mentioned here.

1 – Launch Microsoft Outlook on Windows and update your mailbox.

2 – Go to File > Account Information – this will open an account information tab.

3 – Go to “Open and Export” tab on account information.

4 – Click on Export – select the PST file to export

5 – Select your desired location to save the files on your computer hard drive.

Once you are done with saving your .pst file, you can opt to go out of the application. you can always make such backups of emails on your computer. Just make sure to update your emails and avoid missing of important messages.

Bonus Tip: If you have accidentally deleted or lost Outlook mails and doesn't have a backup of it, check out how you can recover deleted Outlook emails here.

This practice helps people avoid situations like deletion or corruption of outlook data files. Making a regular backup of your contacts, notes etc. can help you recall important events and contacts at times.

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