25 Best Plugins and Add-Ins for Microsoft Outlook

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Every now and then we need to optimize our Outlook experience for our convenience. It comes out not just with outlook, but with all the websites that we use. We want to modulate the way we use the website according to ourselves. And here comes the need for plug-ins and add-ins. We have explored the possibilities and needs of common Outlook users and enlisted 25 MS Outlook plug-ins and add-ins.

A plug-in or add-in enhances the way we use the website.

So when you feel the need to install a plugin in your Outlook, this list is going to help you. You can choose from a wide variety of plug-ins and add-ins from the office store and other sources. The need of modulating the conventional way of using your mail has given rise to a number of people to develop supporting plugins for us. The internet is filled with so many useful plugins and add-ins for you.

Famous Interactive Add-ins for Outlook

1. Search Maps – This Add-in is an inbuilt map for your email account. This will provide you with all the features of a map within your Outlook. This map in your Outlook will provide you directions for your travel including the estimated time of your travel. It's integrated with the interface and thus it is easy and convenient to use along with your emails.

2. Code Two Catman – The code two Catman is an interesting add-in in the Outlook. This application is adequate for the people who frequently interact with their office mates or co-workers. This add-in provides centralized management for various categories on your Outlook. With a configuration in files, the other people like your friends and office mates can contribute to it. This can be done in different categories as per the groups. This is like working on a cloud-based system with your office mates.

3. Advanced Security – The security of our emails is paramount for us all the time. And with features provided, in general, we can make the emails secure. But this eventually gives you so many security alerts that it can be annoying sometimes. To avoid the complexity of security alerts, Advanced security add-in is created. This will allow you to take control of all the security-related alerts and restrictions. This executes all the tasks along with maintaining the safety of your emails.

4. PocketKnife Peek – This add-in just acts as a pocket knife for your Outlook. For all the incoming emails, this add-in scans them without opening them. It works great and can be used to maintain a spam-free mailbox.

5. Genius Connect – This will synchronize your Outlook folders to an SQL database. This is a great utility for users who are a techie and like to work around in database for ease of using email.

6. Outlook on the Desktop – An offline access to many of the features of Outlook looks like an advantage for all of us. This tool provides you with some offline features of Outlook on your computer. Some of the useful components of Outlook like calendar can be extremely useful when you do not have internet access.

7. Sender’s Time Zone – If you work with people who live overseas or in different time zone than you. This add-in should find its place in a corner of your Outlook. It allows you to keep a track of different time zones on your mailbox. This will help you avoid sending the emails to your overseas contacts at an odd time. This will also allow you to evaluate the convenience of your contacts.

8. Advanced Folder Watch – This application is very useful for everyone. It helps organize all the Outlook email response as per your command. You just have to set the criteria and mention the keyword the tool will align, group and categorize all your new emails accordingly.

9. Taglocity – This add-in is one of the most useful and interactive tools to be used in Outlook. It allows you to tag your new messages, tasks, calendars etc. You can have a well-organized and tagged inbox to enjoy with Taglocity

10. MailWasher – This tool is very helpful in avoiding spam messages. With MailWasher, you can actually view your messages without downloading them. This allows you to keep a safe distance from spam, virus, and malware. It is available free for Outlook users and keeps the computer safe from dangerous emails.

Outlook Add-ins for Better Efficiency and Security

Here is a list of the Outlook Add-ins that will help you enhance efficiency and productivity while securely using your mailbox:

11. Email Sync – This is designed by the mail2cloud and helps to sync the emails. This allows you to sync your mail to any of your cloud storage. It can be called an archiving tool as you can just drag the files into your desired location and it will copy your email from one location to another with ease.

12. Simply File – If you have a chaotic email box with lots of folders and you are unable to remember them distinctly. This is the right tool for you. It makes suggestions for new mail to be placed in your various folders, it also helps to convert an email to task.

13. Polite Mail – The add-in is as interesting as its name. This will help you in managing, tracking, segmenting and creating templates. It is one great application for email marketing. You can test the emails and make changes using HTML editor. This is sure a very helpful and efficient add-in for a large number of people associated with marketing and digital mailing.

14. Duplicate Email Remover – The add-in is very helpful for the people who are unable to distinguish between so many emails. This is one great app for them. This helps in tracking the emails with the same content and deletes them. In this way, you can save some space on your computer. The removal of garbage emails from your mailbox is always good for your mailing experience.

15. Print Tools for Outlook – With this add-in, you can directly print the incoming and outgoing emails. Apart from this, the tool can also print some of the other sections like task and reminders. It is a great add-in on the part of Outlook since this is one of the frequently needed utilities in emailing. It is specifically useful for the invoice process.

16. Send Secure – Email encryption is one of the most important necessities of using emails these days. With the help of encryption, your emails are secured from other malicious people who might want to read your sensitive information.

17. Outlook Fix – The Outlook fix is one of the add-ins you wish you had only when it's needed. This helps in undeleting the files that are deleted or lost. It can also fix the damaged files. This works for emails, tasks, calendars, attachments. Outlook fix can recover data with the user can customize the tool. This is one of the nicest tools and works on all the versions of Outlook.

18. Auto BCC/CC – This add-in will help you to create rules for automatically adding BCC and CC to your emails. If you are regularly sending important emails to people and want to hide the identity of the recipient, this is the tool for you.

19. Patient Information Management – The patient information in medical care units is one of the most confidential information. This add-in helps in creating custom fields like a medical condition and appointments etc. It gives an opportunity to maintain the patient information on Windows and keep it secure.

20. Move & Delete Watchdog – After accidentally deleting something you might need to get it back. If you are an Outlook user, you can avoid making such a mistake. The MDW add-in asks you with a popup, every time you delete a file. This tool also warns you about any action that might be potentially harmful.

Better Connectivity with Plugins for Your Outlook

The plugins help you have better user experience with your Outlook. They also help you to make better connectivity with other platforms and devices. Here is a list of such plugins that are most helpful to create a better user experience:

21. Outlook Social Connector – This plugin is helpful in making a better contact management and flow of information. This tool is quite interesting as it works with Facebook to gain all the photos of your friends and put them on the contact list of your mailbox.

22. Evernote – For all the emails that make a good letter, reminder, and notes, this plugin is quite useful. With the help of Evernote, you can make good organization of all your emails as notes. This helps in organizing and archiving all your emails.

23. Skype Toolbar – almost everything that you have while using skype on the Windows, you can have them in Outlook as well. With this Outlook plugin, make the phone calls and skype calls to your contacts.

24. Microsoft SMS – This brings Outlook messages to your mobile phone. You can send a text to your Outlook email with your mobile phone. You can message your group and save the emails as email drafts. It works on Outlook 2010 and previous versions.

25. OutTwit – As the name signifies, you can tweet from your mailbox. With this plugin, you can update your status on Twitter from Outlook. With OutTwit, you can save the tweets as emails and also receive Twitter updates.

The efficiency in the Outlook experience is very important for all. Apart from that, there is a security issue for all the Outlook users. There is a threat of malware to spam emails that can get to you through your mailbox.

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