Files Missing from Windows 10 Quick Access- Solved

After upgrading to Windows 10, you might be aware of new feature i.e. Quick Access where you can see frequently visited folders or recently opened files. But, what will you do if suddenly files exist on your Quick Access folder go missing? Sometimes, files are just missing or disappeared from your Quick Access bar wherein other cases they will be permanently deleted from your computer. In case, files are just missing from Quick Access bar, then no need to worry, just follow the effective methods mentioned below to get them back in Quick Access bar:

Method 1: Pin Folders Back to Quick Access

Follow the steps to get missing folders back to Quick Access: -

1) Open Run window and type following command or copy paste it


2) It opens "Recent folders" under File Explorer. You can find it on the left-hand side of the screen under Recycle Bin.

3) Right-click "Recent folders" and press "Pin to Quick Access"

Now, you can see Recent Folders under Quick Access. Drag and place it on any place under Quick Access.

Method 2: Change Address Path

  • Open notepad and click on Save As option
  • In Save As dialog box, you will see the folder name along with its location at the center-top panel next to the search box. Right-click on that folder and select "Edit Address"
  • Remove the text present in address and type the below code and hit enter


Now, you can save file into your recent folders

Method 3:  Reset Folders for Quick Access

  • Right click on Quick Access Folders
  • Select Options and then View tab
  • And, press Reset Folders

Now, missing folders may appear in Quick Access.

If files nowhere present on your Windows, then they must be permanently deleted from your computer. To get them back you have to make use of reliable and effective data recovery tool like  Remo File Recovery. The software will help you to get back files which are permanently removed from your computer. Once you get files back, pin it to Quick Access bar.

By using these methods, you will be able to get back files that are disappeared from Quick Access.

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