How to Fix Unable to Repair Mac SSD from Recovery Mode Disk Utility First Aid Issue?

When I tried to run First Aid on the SSD drive, it prompted an error stating that

"First Aid found corruption that needs to be repaired. To repair the startup volume, run First Aid from Recovery."

So I restarted my computer by holding Cmd-R options to enter Recovery mode. When I got into Recovery Mode, I opened Disk Utility and then choose the SSD drive to run First Aid.  But, I got the same error message as above. Can you help me out to fix this issue?”

Well! I have seen many people posting similar kind of issues in different forums. So, here I have explained about a fix which can solve the issue.

Run First Aid in Recovery Mode using Command Line-

If you have failed to run First Aid in Recovery Mode, then use Command Terminal and type following command one by one.

To verify your SSD drive, enter the command- diskutil verifyDisk /dev/disk0

Then, enter diskutil repairDisk /dev/disk0 command to repair your SSD drive

After executing these commands, go back to Disk Utility and proceed to repair your SSD drive. Now, you can run First Aid without getting any error.

But, make sure that you have backed up your SSD drive data before running any command using Terminal. One wrong command may cost you a huge amount of data from SSD drive. To back up data from the Mac SSD drive, make use of Remo Mac Data Recovery software as it helps you to recover data from MacBook Air SSD, MacBook Pro SSD, and other Mac-based devices.

If you failed to run Disk Utility either from the Desktop or Recovery mode to repair your SSD drive, then back up SSD and take it to SSD drive repair experts to get it fixed.

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