How to Get Computer Out of Safe Mode in Windows?

Windows users normally boot into Safe Mode to fix issues which they are experiencing on the computer. Unfortunately, Safe Mode ends up being the real problem sometimes, that needs fixing.

If your Windows system keeps on booting in Safe Mode every time you start or restart the computer, then it will become an annoyance. So, when Windows is stuck in Safe Mode, you have to find out what is causing this problem first.

Cause for Windows to Stuck in Safe Mode:

You might have modified the boot priority and that is the reason for this issue. Wondering how is it possible? Well, here is the answer. Last time when you worked in System Configuration window, you might have changed Boot options so that your system is booting in Safe Mode during startup or restart.

To verify this,

1. Hold Windows and R keys together.

  1. You will reach Run Window.
  2. Type msconfig and click OK.
  3. System Configuration wizard emerges.
  4. Switch to Boot tab and look at Boot options.If Safe boot option is enabled then it proves the doubt. Safe boot is enabled and that is making the system to boot in Safe Mode all the time.How to Exit Windows Safe Mode?And now, to get out of Safe Mode, you have to disable Safe boot option. Click Apply and then OK. Finally, turn off the computer, wait for few minutes and power it. Once the computer boots, it should be out of Safe Mode (it will start in normal mode).If the system is still stuck in Safe Mode, then try next solutions.
    Added Info: Sometimes the computer shows a blank blue screen all of a sudden when user power it on. At other times, the system faces problems during the startup process and fails to boot. All these indications are the sign of failing or crashed hard disk. In case, even you are encountering these sorts of problems then immediately recover files from crashed hard disk to safeguard your data. You may need to take the drive to the service center to have it diagnosed. Later decide, whether it is safe to use the drive further or not.
    1. Get Out of Windows Safe Mode Via Command Prompt

    1. Open Command Prompt (Run as Administrator).2. Type bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot and hit enter Key.3. Next, type shutdown /r and press Enter button to reboot the computer.B. Fix Problem Using Boot MenuIn Windows 7:

    1. Boot the computer and press F8 key constantly

  5. You will reach Advanced Boot Options, opt Start Windows Normally.
    • In Windows 8/8.1/10:
    1. Go to Start menu and select Power options.
    2. Hold down Shift button as you choose Restart.
    3. Select Troubleshoot, then Advanced options.
    4. Opt Startup Settings and Restart.
    5. The system reboots and shows a Startup Settings screen.

    6. Choose to return to your operating system by hitting Enter key.

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