How to Recover iWork Files?

Due to iWork suite’s simplicity and security, many Mac users are shifting from MS office to Apple’s own office suite. iWork can be accessed from all the Mac and IOS devices which makes it easy and quick to access files. Some of the other reasons of choosing iWork over MS office is given below as an infographic.

Where Are My iWork Files Stored?

  • If the iWork program (Pages or Number) and data option have been checked in the iCloud pane of system preference, every file will be automatically saved to iCloud.
  • If you want to access or store iWork files offline, uncheck the data option for the respective iWork program in an iCloud pane of system preference

Note: Once the data option is unchecked, your iWork files will stop syncing with iCloud. If you happen to lose iWork files post unchecking, using a professional Mac data recovery software is the only way to recover the recent iWork files saved offline.

Why Mac Users Prefer Apple’s iWork To Microsoft Office Suite? (Infographic)

This is a survey conducted by the Remo Software team to know why people switch to iWork from MS Office. Please go through the infographic for a better understanding.

an info graphic which tells you why people prefer iWork over MS Office

However, users may accidentally delete or lose important Pages documents or Numbers spreadsheets from their Mac, iPad, or iPhone. Read this informative write-up till the end and get to know about the free method that can help you to recover deleted or lost iWork files.

How to Recover iWork Files?

The most effective method to get back iWork files is by using a professional Mac data recovery software. However, you can still try to recover iWork files with the help of iCloud for free.

Recover iWork Files From iCloud

iCloud is a platform that lets you manage, modifies and access files present on any Apple device which is connected to iCloud. At times, when you delete or lose important iWork files from your Mac or Apple devices, iCloud can help you to recover Numbers spreadsheets and Pages documents. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Log in to your iCloud account or go to the iCloud website from any of your Mac devices.

Step 2: Go to Settings, select Advanced option from the bottom, and then click on Restore Files.

Step 3: Select your Pages documents and Numbers spreadsheet from the deleted list.

Step 4: Click on Restore and your iWork files will be recovered to your iCloud drive.

If the free method cannot restore your lost or deleted iWork documents, using a professional Mac data recovery software will be the last resort. Remo Mac Data Recovery is a robust software that can efficiently recover documents and spreadsheets which are also called Pages and Numbers respectively.

Video Tutorial For iWork File Recovery with A Software

Download, install, and launch Remo Mac data recovery software on the Mac from where the iWork files were lost or deleted. Follow the tutorial given below and effortlessly recover iWork files with Remo Recover Mac.

Why Choose Remo Recover Mac:

click on deleted or lost according to your situation and start recovering your iWork files

download now to recover iWork files from your Mac using professional file recovery software.

  • Supports recovery of Keynote files from all kind of Mac storage devices
  • iWork recovery from hard drives, external hard drives, memory cards, pen drives, iPods and others storage devices of Mac machines
  • Recovery of iWork files regardless of the iWork application version
  • Compatible on all versions of Mac OS like Mac Catalina snow Leopard, Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks
  • Can not only recover iWork files from your Mac but, can also recover more than 300+ file formats

Note: Recovery of iWork files from Mac OS High Sierra (10.13) version can also be done with Remo Recover Mac after disabling System Integrity Protection

Having Trouble While Recovering iWork Files?

With the above-mentioned methods, you must have recovered iWork files with ease. However, if you face any difficulties during the iWork file recovery process, get in touch with our technical assistance team and they will guide you to recover your files with the help of Remo Recover Mac.

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