How To Recover Photoshop File- Deleted/Unsaved/Crashed Photoshop Files

Being sophisticated software, Photoshop allows you to edit pictures pixel by pixel and add layer over layer which are saved in the form of large .psd files that take a lot of time to render.Dealing with Photoshop files can get quite tricky. As you keep working on large psd files, due to human errors or software crashes knowing how to recover Photoshop file is very important.

In this article you will learn the following ways to restore lost Photoshop file:

  1. Easiest way to recover unsaved Photoshop file
  2. Restoring Adobe Photoshop file after crash
  3. Recovering a deleted Photoshop file

Regardless of the cause, if you happen lose Photoshop file, a lot of your time and effort is wasted. Fortunately there are a lot of recommended ways that will help you recover Photoshop file. Scroll down to learn more.

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Methods to perform Photoshop file recovery

Although there are multiple ways you can recover PSD file or any other file like PSB or PBB, it is still very tricky to recover a Photoshop file.  Below are a few free methods you can implement before using Photoshop file recovery software.

When you accidentally terminate Photoshop application or if the system has shut down abruptly, Photoshop CS5 and later versions automatically open the previous PSD file and you can resume working on it. However, if the cache files have been corrupted or replaced, the file might not open.

Method 1: Recovering unsaved Photoshop file using Open Recent tab

To recover Photoshop files in such cases, click on the file tab in Photoshop CS 6 or lower version and find Open Recent option. Once you move the mouse over the Open Recent option you will be able to see the file you were working on and double click to open the unsaved PSD file. If you could not recover unsaved Photoshop file a more advanced

Method 2: Use Photoshop auto recover folder to recover Photoshop file after crash

In order to perform Photoshop file recovery from the Auto Recover folder you first have to check if the option is enabled in Photoshop CC or CS 6.

How to check if autosave is enabled in Photoshop?

Click on the Edit tab and then select Preferences at the bottom, now choose General and find File Handling tab on the left. Under the File handling section check if the Automatically Save Recovery information every check box is marked. The drop down enables you increase or decrease you auto save interval.

This method recovers Photoshop file after crash only if it is the auto save was enabled in the Photoshop prior to losing the Photoshop file.

Photoshop enables you to keep saving your temporary progress on files to a folder called Auto recover that exists in following path:

Primary drive(C:)/Users/username(profile name)/AppData/Roaming/Adobe Photoshop CS6/AutoRecover

Method 3: Rescue lost Photoshop files after a crash from Temp folder

When working on Photoshop files, the PS application uses Temp folder to save your work in progress. This is done to reduce the processing load exerted by the application on RAM.

These files exist in the Temp folder even if the Photoshop crashes. To be more precise the temporary Adobe Photoshop files exist on the computer as long as the application is not appropriately terminated

To one’s luck, these crashed .psd files in Temp folder can sometimes act as a backup that can be used to recover Photoshop file after crash. Use the below steps to recover PSD file from temp folder:

  • Open “This PC” and double click on “C:” drive where all your app data exists
  • Double click on the Users and click on the appropriate Username
  • Now open AppData folder and choose Local folder to find Temp folder
  • Open Temp folder to locate the files that are generally named as Photoshop temp file ending with a random number
  • Open each of file using Photoshop CC or CS6 to find the psd photoshop file you are looking forrecovered-psb-file
  • Lastly rename the file extension from .tmp to .psd/.psb/.pbb accordingly to achieve Photoshop file recovery

You can follow a similar methodology to recover Photoshop file on Mac computer after you find Photoshop temp files on Mac.

Method 4: Most reliable way to recover deleted Photoshop file

As discussed earlier all the above-mentioned methods have a very low probability of recovering lost Photoshop files due to their respective drawbacks. Also, you will not be able to recover deleted Photoshop files from the above methods. The task of recovering a deleted Photoshop file can be done using a professional data recovery software.

Consequently the best way to perform file recovery is with the help of Photoshop file recovery software: Remo Recover.

Be it retrieving your deleted Photoshop files or lost PSD files due to crash, this PSD file recovery tool is the ultimate solution. With its efficient scanning algorithm, the software scans your drive for various file formats like .psb format or PSD format and lets you filter the file type from the recovered results. Download and try Remo Recover software for free now.

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How to Recover Deleted or Lost Photoshop file?

Download and Install Remo File Recovery Software and follow the below-mentioned steps to recover lost or deleted Photoshop file.

Step 1: Launch the application, click on Recover File, select the drive to recover lost or deleted Photoshop file

Step 2: click on Scan button to start the scanning process
select recover files option to start the process of Photoshop file recovery

Step 3: After completion of the scanning process, the tool displays recovered PSD file in Data view and File Type view
screenshot recovered photoshop files listed in File view type and Data view type


Step 4: If you are not able to find the deleted Photoshop file, click on Deep Scan to re-scan the drive

Step 5: Use the Preview feature to judge the success rate of deleted or lost Photoshop Recovery
preview of recovered Photoshop file

Step 6: Finally, click on Save and browse for a location to Save the recovered Photoshop file.


Photoshop is one of the best platforms to edit images, it can take a lot of time and resources to edit the file in Photoshop. Losing an important Photoshop file can be very frustrating. The solutions mentioned in the article will help you in recovering unsaved files and restore Photoshop files after a crash. If you are not able to find the lost Photoshop files, then download and use the Remo Photoshop recovery software to recover the deleted Photoshop file. Remo Recover is a feasible media file recovery software.

Also, learn how to recover lost jpg photos.

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