How to Remove Metadata From Word 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010

In any Microsoft Word document, the metadata contains information such as author name, hidden comments, embedded documents links, etc. Every time you create an MS Word file this information will be embedded within the document. If your Word file is to be shared among many people, you might not want this information to be revealed to everyone who uses the file.

How do I remove my name, comments, and other personal information from Word documents?

Microsoft Word does offer a solution to remove your name and other crucial information from a Word document. This can be done easily by removing metadata from the file.

What Metadata can be Hidden in a Word document?

Your Word file can contain the following information in its metadata, which can be stripped to have a clean document

  • Versions, Comments, Revisions, and inks
  • Properties and personal information
  • Headers, footers, and watermarks
  • XML data
  • Hidden text
  • Document server properties

How do I Remove Metadata from a Word document?

  • Open your word file on MS Word

Remove metadata from word

  • Click on the File tab from the top left corner
  • Choose Info from the left column and select Inspect Document
  • From the Document Inspector dialogue-box, you can view the metadata that can be removed

Delete metadata from word document

  • Select all or the ones that you wish to remove and click on Inspect
  • You will be shown all the available metadata on the document
  • Finally, click on Remove All to delete metadata from the word file

Clear metadata from Word document

After removing all the metadata you can share across all the files without any worries.

Remove Metadata by Repairing Word Document.

What if you are not able to remove the metadata? This could happen if your word document is corrupted. However, by repairing the Word document, you will be able to delete the metadata from the Word file.

Remo Repair Word is one of the safest tools to fix any corrupted Word file. The software uses a read-only mechanism, which makes a copy of the original file and performs repair operations. Therefore, your original file remains unchanged. The tool repairs the Word file that was created on MS Word 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010. Download and try the software for free now.

After downloading the tool, you can fix the corrupted word document for any errors. After repairing the document, follow the steps mentioned in the article to remove metadata from the Word file


If you are working on any confidential document, do make sure that the personal information on it erased from it. One best and easiest way to do this is by removing the metadata from the document. The steps mentioned in this article will help you in doing so. If you have any doubts or questions do mention them in the comment section below.

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