How to Remove SD Card Virus without Formatting

Your SD card is infected with a virus, and you have lost access to all your important files stored in it. It is worrying because losing so many vital files is unthinkable. Well, SD cards are susceptible to virus infection when compared to other storage mediums because they are used on computers, laptops, cameras, and many other devices. They can be easily plugged in and out to various storage devices, and this makes them vulnerable to getting infected.

Alright, the SD card is infected with the virus. The next step is to act quickly and remove the virus. But how to remove the virus from SD card without formatting, because all files present on the card will be erased after format. Don’t worry, it is possible to remove the virus from SD card and perform virus file recovery. Here are a few tips to remove SD card virus without formatting. Read on.

Remove SD Card Virus without Formatting

Follow the methods mentioned in the section below to effortlessly remove virus from your SD card without formatting

    1. By using CMD
    2.  With the help of Anti-virus software

Using CMD remove Virus without Formatting the SD card

  • Plug the virus infected SD card to your Windows system
  • Go to Start menu, type cmd in search bar hit Enter
  • You will find ‘Command Prompt’ under the list of programs
  • Right click on Command Prompt, and select Run as administrator. You will get Command prompt window.command prompt
  • Now type the following command and press Enter –
  • attrib -h -r -s /s /d drive letter:\*.*

Now the virus infected SD card will be repaired. Once the process is completed, you can check if your card is working all fine. However, this method is sometimes temporary. The problem might not be solved completely.

Use Antivirus software to Remove Virus from SD card

So if the SD card is still not fixed using method 1, then the next step is to use anti-virus software to remove the virus. Make sure to use a reliable and updated version of the software so that it provides complete security. Install the anti-virus software, and run a scan to identify and remove the virus.

Format the card

If this method also doesn’t work out, then the last option to get rid of the virus is to format the SD card. Go for a Quick format if the antivirus software is unable to remove the virus. But before formatting, you need to take backup. Since you have lost access to SD card, you cannot take a backup copy. Thus you end up losing SD card data. But don’t worry as it is still possible to restore files using a Card Recovery software. You can recover data from SD card, songs, video files, etc., with ease. So even after formatting SD card, it is still possible to get back data.

Are you wondering how to recover data from your formatted SD card? Download Remo recover now to effortlessly recover all the files back without any degradation of original quality. The tool is programmed with advanced scanning algorithm which can effortlessly recover more then 300+ file formatsremo recover windows

Few Tips:

  • Scan your SD card on a regular basis
  • Backup important files without fail
  • Always use reliable anti-virus software
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