Simplified: Repairing Corrupt iPhone Video | 3 clicks only

“Bridgit” a Movie completely shot on iPhone bagged a prestigious Turner Prize in Britain. This is just an example of how impacting the video shot on iPhones are. Any damage to those videos shot on iPhone, can result in corruption or video becoming unplayable. This article is compiled with a hassle free DIY guide to Repair corrupt iPhone video.
Watch this video to know how to repair corrupt iPhone videos in few clicks:

What causes video corruption on iPhones?

Be it editing, transferring or storing, video files on iPhone should be handled with proper care. Before getting into how to repair iPhone videos, have a look on some of the causes behind iPhone videos corruption:

- Header file corruption
- Interruptions while transferring videos
- Improper video file format conversions can make video unplayable
- Interruptions while downloading video files

It can be any of the above mentioned reasons behind your iPhone video corruption. Generally the all iPhone videos are of the format “.MOV”. This video file format is widely used across all devices including smartphones and cameras.
Trying to repair corrupt iPhone video on your own using any unreliable methods from internet can further damage your video file. Hence it is important that you go with a trusted and tried method to repair .MOV file from iPhone.

Proven Method to Repair Corrupt iPhone Video:

repair corrupt iPhone video

With a number of solutions available on internet to repair corrupt iPhone Video, choosing the right one for you can be tricky. The corrupted video files are already damaged, it would be wise to choose an approach to repair your MOV file that restricts any further damage.

Remo MOV Repair Tool  is the most reviewed video repair tool across all platforms of Windows and Mac operating systems. The MOV Repair Tool prioritizes the safety of the video file before working on it.

Hence the software creates and works on the copy of the damaged video file to repair corrupt iPhone video. Thus generating a error free playable video file on your iPhone.

Remo Repair MOV is your safest ticket to repair corrupt or damaged MOV/Mp4 video files. With an easy to use interface the software keeps the safety of damaged video file as priority and works on a copy of the original file to repair corrupt videos. The MOV Repair Tool is available across all platforms of Windows and Mac which is completely free to download.

free-download-for-win free-download-for-mac

Repair Corrupt iPhone videos in 3 Clicks only:

Before starting with repair process of the corrupt iPhone video, import the file that needs to repaired to your Windows or Mac computer. Follow the steps to repair corrupt iPhone video:

  • Download and Install Remo Repair MOV on your computer to fix corrupt videos on iPhone.
  • After launching the software, from the main Window click on Healthy File to select a healthy MOV file shot on iPhone.
  • Now click Corrupted file and select the corrupt iPhone Video that needs to be repaired.

input corrupt video after editing

  • Now Click on Repair button to repair corrupt iPhone video.

edited video repair progress

  • After the software completes repairing corrupt videos on iPhone the software allows you to the Preview the repaired MOV video before saving them on to the desired location.

Why use Remo Repair to Fix all Video corruptions?

Be it corrupted, damaged or unplayable video Remo Video Repair tool is your best bet on repairing corrupt video files. The software is accredited for fixing various issues around MOV and Mp4 file formats. Some of the reasons for you use Remo Repair are as listed below:

  • Easy to use interface that ensures recovery of corrupt MOV file in just 3 clicks
  • Designed to fix all MOV and Mp4 files that are corrupted or unplayable
  • Ensures repairing corrupt iPhone video with ease
  • Supports repairing of video files shot on various camcorders including GoPro and Drones
  • Provides a free preview of the repaired video file.
  • Can efficiently perform MP4 video repair on mac computers if the video is corrupted, broken, or choppy

Understanding the causes behind iPhone Video Corruption:

  • Interruptions while Transferring: When you are trying to transfer videos from your iPhone to a computer any interruptions like the abrupt shutdown of the computer or ejecting the device can damage your video file.
  • Improper Conversion of the file format: Converting video files from one format to another is a common process. However, when it is done using any unreliable software it can damage the video file.
  • Video file not playing after editing: Sometimes video files stop playing after being edited. This problem occurs when some important data of the video gets corrupted after editing. In such cases, you can make use of this Remo Video Repair tool to repair videos that are damaged while editing.
  • QuickTime error fails to play Video: Though this appears to be a problem with the Quicktime video player, it can also be due to some error with the video.  Click to learn how to fix QuickTime videos without any sound.

How to avoid video corruption on your iPhone and computer?

It is always rewarding when you take necessary steps to avoid video corruption both on your iPhone and computer. Follow these simple hacks to avoid video corruption:

  • Be it your iPhone or computer make sure you always have a backup of the data. This way even in case of a corruption, you’ll have a copy of a corruption free video file.
  • Make sure you have power backup as power surges when you are trying to transfer video from device can damage your video file.
  • Always make use of a reliable video converter tool to avoid video corruptions during video conversion
  • Protect your computer with a trusted antivirus software against malware and virus
  • Avoid downloading videos from unreliable sources which at the first place can be damaged.


With the advent of high optimised cameras, smartphone photography especially iPhone photography has reached the next level. Photos and videos shot on iPhone are not just memory anymore they mean business.

Now that you know how to avoid any damage or corruption to those important videos, you don’t have to worry about losing your iPhone videos. Just in case you if any iPhone videos get corrupted you know what to do.

Do let us know in the comments section below if you were successful in repairing corrupt iPhone video.  

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Simplified: Repairing Corrupt iPhone Video | 3 clicks only was last modified: July 22nd, 2020 by Molly Owen
2 comments on “Simplified: Repairing Corrupt iPhone Video | 3 clicks only
  1. Archer says:

    You mentioned that we need to transfer corrupt files to the system in order to repair corrupt iphone videos. Can you tell me why can’t we repair them directly on iphone without having to transfer them?

    • Molly Owen says:

      Hi Archer,
      Corrupt iPhone videos cannot be directly repaired without being transferred. As Remo Repair MOV Software repairs corrupt iPhone videos by separating audio and video streams and finally adjoins them after repairing. To perform this operation it needs corrupted files to be imported/ transferred to your computer storage in-order to perform the repairing process.

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