How to Send Executable Files by Email

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how to send executable file via email

Executable files cannot be sent over email by just attaching them. You might know this. A few old tricks like changing the file extension to .jpg from .exe, sending the file into a ZIP folder, or else adding some random file extension will not work.

So here is one method that will work. You can encrypt your executable file into an image file, send it by mail, get it decrypted, and extract it by the receiver. Remember, you shouldn’t run any attachment files from an unknown source on your PC.

Before you proceed, please run the file. you may run into unknown hard errors that would need to be fixed before sending.

The process is as follows:

  • Prepare the file to be sent
  • Send the file (via Gmail or Outlook)
  • Extract the file

Preparing the file:

This explanation is for Windows OS.

  • Create a folder on one of the local drives. Here a folder is created on local drive C: and it is named MTE Test. Make sure you create a folder on a local drive only.
  • Copy and paste an image into the folder. Any image below size 50kb is fine
  • Now copy and paste the executable file you have to send into your folder
  • Convert the .exe file to a compressed file format (.zip or .rar)
  • You have to encrypt executable files to send them by email
  • Now bring up the Command Prompt window. The window will pop up with your directory path to the current folder
  • Type this command in it:

copy/b [Your Image Name along with its Extension] + [The Compressed File along with its Extension]

For eg: copy/b flower.png + greentestfile.rar

  • Press Enter. You will get a message signifying that the image file is encrypted with the executable file

Sending the file: Now you have to send this file via Gmail or other email services, like Outlook.

Note: If you want to fix WinRAR extraction error cannot execute on RAR file, then follow the link to know how to fix the error. 

Extracting the file:

  • Open the folder containing the image with the embedded .exe file in it
  • Right-click on the picture and hover to Open with to bring up a list of programs
  • Select WinRAR if that option is displayed. Suppose you have already downloaded and it is running (but not displayed), then click Choose default program and click Browse to find the WinRAR.
  • Double click on that application to go to the Open with option
  • Double-click on the WinRAR program in Open with to use the app
  • Now click on the software found in the WinRAR compression folder to install it on your computer

Extra information: If by any chance, the file gets corrupted while sending it via email, then you can extract corrupted RAR files with the help of this RAR Repair software.

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