What is Software Cracking and Software Piracy?

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Software cracking refers to the modification of a software to remove unwanted features or unlock more features like copy protection features. Software cracking is considered an illegal activity as it leads to copyright infringement. However, the cracking is considered legal in reverse engineering for educational purposes.

On the other hand Software piracy is also one of the ways of using software by violating the end user license agreement. Software Piracy is also considered as an illegal activity and there are many lawsuits and acts to prevent piracy of software.

However, the measures taken by software developers to get rid of software piracy has only resulted in little success. Data recovery software developers are also victims of losing revenue due to this threat called Software cracking and Software piracy.

Say no to pirated or cracked Data recovery software

Data recovery software is developed to recover permanently deleted files or lost treasures of memory in the form of photos, videos or important data that we store on devices. The advent and dynamic nature of the technology are making hard for developers to stop piracy and cracking of data recovery software. However, if a user is using a pirated or cracked data recovery software it will only make his data recovery life miserable.

Effects and Risk of Software Piracy:

  • Beware of Hackers: Downloading and installing unauthorized or pirated software will put your computer at risk. Your personal information and data are at risk as hackers can easily access your private files.
  • It is illegal: As mentioned earlier, downloading and using a pirated software is illegal and can easily get you a ticket to prison. You might think using a cracked data recovery software is harmless, but if you are caught then it will be the most expensive software of your life due to the strict software piracy law.
  • Risk of Virus infection: When you are downloading a pirated or cracked data recovery software, you are not sure about what you are downloading. You click on a link to download the software but you might end up infecting your computer.
  • Risk of data loss: Yes, you read that right. The chances of losing your data are high when you are using the pirated or cracked data recovery software. Consider you bought a software from pirated software site for a cheaper price and that software is not working. Instead of recovering lost files after formatting it corrupted your entire drive with a malware. You have no assistance or guarantee from that pirated software site. In case of a genuine data recovery software, you will have technical assistance, support from the company and data protection is their priority.

Now that you know the disadvantages of using a cracked or pirated software, think twice before you think of downloading a data recovery software.

Where can you find the best data recovery software?

There are "n" number of data recovery software in the market and all boast of a variety of features and offers. You might be little confused to choose one to help you recover data. To answer all your questions and solve all your problems related to data recovery, Remo Recover is here.

An efficient and user-friendly software to recover your lost or deleted data even from corrupted and formatted devices. The software lets you test it before you make a payment by previewing the data recovered before asking you save it. This way you can discover the capabilities of Remo Recover.

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