Why iPod freezes up? What are the ways to avoid it?

At times when you are listening to your favorite music on iPod, your iPod might stop playing the music and would become inaccessible and might not respond to any requests given here after. Then the iPod is said to be frozen. Even the most popular and the best audio players have their own limitations, as with iPods also. In some cases, it can be fixed with reboot or by charging the battery. But sometimes, you will have to replace the iPod and also you might lose all your favorite music, pics and videos from it. Actually, there is no one particular reason for this, but some of the commonly found are explained below:

Factors leading to iPod freezing:

  • Corrupt Files: One of the commonly found causes for iPod freezing is due to the corruption of files. Your iPod file might get corrupt either while transferring, virus infection or improper downloading etc. when you try to play such corrupt files, the iPod will not be able to identify the file and cannot perform the necessary actions. This causes your iPod to become frozen.
  • Lack of Memory: Most of you use iPod extensively without rebooting or even re-syncing the iPods for prolonged periods of time, and your iPod starts filling slowly over the course of time. it can even happen for a short period if it is extensively used. This may lead to overflow of iPod’s memory and thus causing your iPod to freeze.
  • Mishandling of iPods: Your iPod might freeze even due to mishandling them. If your iPod is dropped or is getting bumped around then this causes physical damage to the iPods. In such situations, iPod’s in-built protection control comes in handy to protect the iPod’s hardware from becoming damaged. When it detects such severe shocks to the system, it automatically shuts the iPod hardware to prevent permanent damage to the iPod. Thus, your iPod becomes irresponsive and freezes.
  • No Battery or Hold is on: Perhaps the most commonly found causes for freezing your iPods is low or dead batteries. Also, sometimes you may try to start or change an iPod when the hold button is toggled ON; even this freezes your iPod.

These are some of the commonly found reasons in which your iPod freezes up. If it is the simpler ones then just by rebooting the iPod or charging the iPod would bring it to the normal situation. Else, if the problem is quite severe, then you will lose your vital files from it. You might have stored your favorite videos, songs and memorable pictures in it. All will be lost within a second. Luckily, your files are not gone permanently and can be recovered. Make use of Remo recover software and retrieve all your lost files from your iPod. Instead of facing all these scenarios, it’s better to avoid such situations causing your iPod to freeze. Here are few of the tips to avoid freezing of your iPods.

Tips to avoid iPod freezing:

  • Keep updating your iPod software: Regularly use the App Store and check for the App updates. The App store will keep track of the newer updates that are available. Whenever a new update is available it displays a red circle with a number in the top of its App icon. You can choose to Update All or just update one at a time. Also keep checking your iTunes on your computer.

Go to iTunes> Apps and then tap Check for Updates.

Just as with the App, you can download each update separately, or you can download all of them at once.

  • Turn-Off all the Apps running in the background: You may sometimes have a couple of Apps running; so that you can flip between the apps use all of those. But while turning off your iPod you rarely close all the apps. This eats up your battery life and even the iPod memory. Tap the home button twice to bring up the task bar. Hold your finger down until the Apps vibrates, and then turn off Apps by tapping the red minus sign that appears in the corner of the App icons.
  • Make sure your device is charged: This is the most common reason for freezing your iPods, thus be careful about it and thus always make sure that it is charged fully any time.
  • Do not mishandle iPod: Be careful while you are carrying your iPod. This is because; a single mistake may damage your iPod that leads to iPod freezing.

Above mentioned are some of the reasons in which your iPod become frozen and also some precautionary steps to prevent such situations in future. Follow these precautions and adopt it while using your iPods. In case if you lose important audio files from iPod due to above mentioned reasons, then just make use of Remo Recover Windows / Mac software because it is the best toolkit to recover audio files from iPod.

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