2 Proven Methods to Retrieve Adobe InDesign File

Updated on June 05, 2020

Recover Adobe InDesign (.indd, .indt, .indb) files which are lost / deleted from hard drives, USB drives, memory card, etc. in just few steps using Remo file recovery software.

InDesign is one of the powerful gems from Adobes gauntlet. InDesign is used to create the print media content such as books, posters, magazines, brochures, etc. Adobe indd files contain many innovative features like advanced typography, page content, etc. among other layout options required for desktop publications.

Similar to any Adobe tool, even InDesign requires cutting edge hardware for smooth performance. Lack of specified hardware might result in app crash and lead to loss of InDesign files. Find here the two proven methods to recover InDesign or .indd files.

  • Recover Unsaved InDesign Files using Auto Recovery(Windows and Mac)
  • Right way to recover deleted, lost InDesign files (Instant and Easy)

NOTE:If you find out that your Adobe InDesign files are missing and you don't have any backup, then stop using the storage device. Further usage or storing of any new files on the storage device may overwrite the free space and reduce the chances of recovery.

Recover Unsaved Adobe InDesign Files

If you are familiar with Adobe tools you might know that every tool has a failsafe, such as auto save option. For example you have Photoshop Temp files, PS application uses temp files to recover the unsaved PSD files. Even Adobe InDesign has an autosave option, which is supposed to be manually enabled. You can find the auto save option in the handling menu in the toolbar.

Once it is enabled, Adobe InDesign will save your work once every 5 minutes (depending on your settings). So, whenever InDesign application crashes, you can recover the InDesign documents.

Typically, an InDesign application restores the unsaved .indd files Just after restarting the application. If the auto recovery process is unsuccessful, you need to access the InDesign auto recovery folder and restore the InDesign files manually.

How do I find my InDesign Recovery Files?

Adobe InDesign auto recovery files location on Mac
“~/Library/Cache/Adobe InDesign/Version[#.0]/InDesign Recovery”
On Windows you can find the InDesign auto recovery folder in the following location
“Users/username/App Data/Local/Adobe/InDesign/Version/en_US/Caches/InDesign Recovery”

If you succeed in finding the InDesign auto recovery files, try to open them using the InDesign application and save them in another location. similarly, Photoshop will also allow user to recover unsaved PSD files or files lost due to crashed Photoshop application.

However, you can use this method only to recover the indd files that are lost due to application crash. You cannot recover the InDesign files that are deleted or lost due to storage corruption. Additionally, you need to have

In case you accidentally deleted the InDesign files you need a software to recover the InDesign files. You can find below the descriptive information about a perfect tool that will assist you in recovering Adobe InDesign files.

Restore lost / deleted Adobe InDesign files Using INDD Recovery Software:

Remo File Recovery tool is an easy to use application that quickly recovers Adobe files after accidental deletion, virus infection, interruptions during file transfer, etc. It also helps you to restore files deleted from the Recycle Bin or Trash folder in the quickest way. Moreover, it supports recovery of Adobe files on both Mac and Windows Operating systems.

Easiest Way to Recover Adobe InDesign Files:

Download and install Remo Recover software by clicking on the Download Now button. Run the software and follow the steps below to recover InDesign ‘indd’ files.

  • Click on Recover Files from the main screen
  • Specify the drive from where you’d like to recover files and click Scan
  • The software lists all found files in the selected drive. From the list of files, you can choose ‘.indd’ as the file type you’re looking to recover
  • Then Preview the recovered files and save required files in a desired location

Most Important Features of Remo that assist you in Recovering InDesign Files

User can easily find required InDesign files from recovered data using File Type and Data Type View; two effective options that allow users to segregate the InDesign files. The tool is very efficient in recovering PDF files a different Adobe file format.

The Preview feature provided by this tool helps you to view the files before the actual restoration process. Additionally, the application is loaded with cutting edge features such as Save Recovery Session, Create Disk Image, and so on, which makes your recovery process efficient and smooth.

The software comes in Windows and Mac version that is compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/Server 2003 & 2008, macOS Catalina, High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, etc.

Few safety precautions to evade loss of Adobe InDesign files:

  • Always think twice before deleting Adobe files using Shift + Delete keys
  • Make a habit of backing up important InDesign files on external storage devices
  • External threats that cause file deletion can be prevented by using an updated antivirus software for your system

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