Restoring Data from Damaged Partition Made Simple | A Complete Guide [2021]

Summary: Looking for recovering data from damaged partition? Worry not, you can recover data from damaged partition with this article. However, data on a damaged partition requires immediate attention and it is best suggested to restore damaged partition and recover all your precious data using Remo Partition Recovery Software. Download the tool for free now.


Partitioning your hard disk space is always a good practice mainly because data on one partition remains independent of the other. For instance, if one partition gets corrupted, the corruptions in the partition strictly remain in that partition alone, and data remains safe on other partitions.

However, when the primary partition on your hard drive gets corrupt, damaged partition recovery can get tricky. The Partitions where operating system is installed is called a primary partition. When this partition gets damaged the operating system might not function. There are various ways to regain access or recover data from damaged partition.

Find below a series of recommended methods that can help you a long way in fixing and recovering damaged partitions.

Ease of recovering data from damaged partitions

Damage to partition means all data on that partition will become inaccessible. But thanks to Remo Recover, it is possible to easily recover data from damaged partitions. The software scans the hard drive entirely and recovers complete partition data.

Please note, since you are recovering an entire partition, there will be a large number of files involved. All of these files will be listed after Remo Recover scans the drive. Then using the ‘Sort’ and ‘Find’ features that the software provides, you can easily find the files you want either by file name, date, size or file type. Please note that the original file names will be maintained even after recovery, so you should have no trouble finding the files you need.

Most Recommended Partition Recovery Tool to the rescue:

Remo Recover is all in all a great partition recovery software that can be used to recover data from damaged or corrupt partitions. Whether the damage to partitions is caused by third party tools, errors in disk management processes or due to virus attacks, Remo Recover works in all cases.

  • Supports partition recovery from all file systems such as FAT32, FAT64, ExFAT, NTFS, HFS and HFS+ systems
  • Has the ability to create disk images when bad sectors are present on the drive
  • Consists of Windows and Mac versions to support both Windows and Mac operating systems
  • It can also be used for file system crash recovery
  • The tool also supports RAW partition recovery
  • Offers a simple user interface to make damaged partition recovery simple for all users

Remo Recover, a renowned partition recovery tool for corrupt or damaged partitions. Works with all file systems like FAT32, FAT64, ExFAT, HFS and HFSX. Available on both Windows and Mac systems. Give it a try today!free-download-for-win

Simple Steps to perform damaged partition recovery

Download and install Remo Recover on your system as a first step to recover data from damaged partitions on your Windows systems.

  1. Run the software to open the main screen. Select Recover Partitions option and choose the drive from which you need to recover partitions. Then hit the Scan button
    first step depicting recovery of data from damaged partition
  2. In the next screen, you will see a list of partitions. Select the damaged/corrupt partition to recover and hit Scan
    find damaged partition
  3. After the scan completes, a list of all the files are displayed. Data View allows you to view files in the folder view and File Type View allows you to view files based on file type. You can select any of these 2 options based on your convenience.
    screenshot recovered data from damaged partition listed in File view type and data view type
  4. Finally, you can preview the files and save them in a desired location
    browse to save damaged partition

Watch the video tutorial to completely understand the process of recovering damaged partitions using Remo Recover partition recovery tool.

Reasons for partition damage

Due to various internal and external factors partitions can get corrupted or damaged leading to data loss. Let us look into the main reasons for partition damage.

  • Improper shutdown of computer or power failure

It is one of the most common reasons for partition damage. Every time your computer shuts down improperly, it may not result in partition damage but if your system is in the middle of a write cycle at the time of improper shut down, it can cause issues and lead to corrupted partitions. So, it is largely based on timing.

  • Errors while performing disk management operations & third party tools

Improper sizing of partitions or errors while performing disk management operations can cause partition damage and loss of data. Certain third party disk management tools can also modify the structure of the drive and lead to partition damage.

  • Bad sectors

Yet another common reason for partition damage are bad sectors on the hard drive. Bad sectors are usually due to logical errors or due to physical damage to the disk. Whatever is the reason, either way, bad sectors usually result in partition damage and data loss.

  • Damaged partition table

A partition table is a table located in the first sector of a hard disk that contains details of all partitions like size and addresses of partitions. Corruption in this table can make the whole drive unreadable and cause partition damage.

While this is not a comprehensive list of reasons for damaged partitions, they are some of the most common one’s users encounter in most cases.

Precautions to avoid partition damage

  • Before performing any disk management operations, you must know what you are doing. If you are not sure, it is best to leave it to professionals. Also, exercise caution when using third party disk management tools.
  • Secondly, take good care of your hard disk. Using a tool called CHKDSK, you can easily keep a tab on corruption and bad sectors on the hard disk.
  • Make sure you don’t turn OFF your system without proper shutdown procedure. And don’t remove any external storage device without using Safely Remove Hardware to avoid damaged partition recovery.


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