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How to Fix Seagate Backup Plus Drive that is Not Detected On Mac

In Apple support communities a number of Mac OS X users have reported that their Mac machine won’t show up Seagate Backup Plus drive. There are various reasons for this. This article gives you a brief idea about reasons behind this problem along with the solutions.


  • Recent OS update issue
  • Problem with USB ports
  • System failure
  • Virus infection
  • Motherboard issue
  • External drive damage or corruption etc.

So it is suggested to check whether the power cables are connected properly or not. If so then uninterrupted power supply may not transmit power. Try by connecting the Seagate drive to all ports of Mac machine if not working then connect it to some other system and check whether it works. If it is working well then recover your important files, documents, audios, videos, photos from Mac external hard drive. If it is still not detected then refer below given methods.

Method 1:

  • Open Disk Utility and check if the external hard drive is faded or grayed out and uncountable?
  • If so then connect another external drive or pen drive. This drive also grayed out and not recognized then do proper eject from Finder Windows list
  • Then restart the computer and connect the external drive again

Method 2:

On Mac, go to Disk Utility and choose the external drive from the left sidebar. Then click on verify disc. This will help you to find and correct the minor errors

Method 3:

  • Go to Mac’s Finder Menu and select Go to Finder
  • Then type Seagate drive path which appears under Disk Utility and checks whether it will display your drive.

Method 4:

  • Start Mac
  • Go to settings
  • Select Finder Preferences
  • Then under the General tab select external hard drive in Show these items on the desktop
  • Now reinsert the drive and check

Method 5:

  • Open Mac
  • Go to Applications then to Utilities
  • Click on Disk Utilities
  • From that change the format of Seagate external drive that is compatible with your Mac OS

If any of the above methods didn’t help you to solve the problem then install the fresh OS X and try or else connect Seagate drive to any Windows computer, delete the partition and connect back to Mac Pro. But, you need to be careful about data present on the drive as deleting partition will remove your data too from the drive. As said earlier, recover your data from Seagate Backup Plus drive, before performing any of these steps. Remo Recover can help you is this regard. It will easily recover even your pictures from external hard drive on Mac machines that is not showing up. This software can recover data from all Mac OS X including High Sierra, macOS Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, etc.

Never compromise on your data. Act fast, fix your Seagate drive as ASAP, and get access to your files!

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