PowerPoint Found an Error It Can’t Correct – But you Can Correct it

PowerPoint Found an Error it Can’t Correct, once you see the dialogue with this error message, you can confirm that your PPT file is corrupted. Unfortunately, even Microsoft suggests users only restart the computer and hope for the best. Which by the way will not work in most situations. So, now the question you need to answer is “how to fix an error that even PowerPoint deliberately says cannot be fixed”. You find the answers in the following sections.

What is “PowerPoint Found an Error It Can’t Correct” Error

As mentioned earlier, it means that the PPT file is completely damaged. However, in some not so severe cases, errors might be due to memory overflow. Memory overflow is caused when there are too many items such as photos, videos or audio files in a presentation. Due to too many items in PPT, RAM might not be able to handle while processing the PPT file. Which is known as memory overflow error.

However, considering average computer specs today, the chances of memory overflowing is really slim. This leaves us with one possible explanation, that is your PPT file is damaged. To repair the corrupted PPT file refer to the next section.

Fix the Error PowerPoint Found an Error It Can’t Correct

Generally, when you encounter this error, most of the blogs or discussion forums might suggest you to transfer the contents of the damaged PPT to a new PowerPoint file or compressing the items in the PPT file.

These fixes can only be used to fix minor errors and if you are able to open the PPT file. However, we have already discussed that this error mostly occurs when the PPT file is completely damaged. By the way, it is inferred that, if a PPT file is damaged, it cannot be accessed.

To fix such complex errors on PPT, you need a repair tool that can fix any kind of error on your PowerPoint. Because a PPT is not just a file, it represents your hard work, your expertise and it is an absolute fact that you cannot lose even a single slide from your PowerPoint presentation. especially before a meeting.

Considering the sensitivity of the situation, the best tool to fix any kind of error is Remo Repair PowerPoint. Remo is a Holistic tool that ensures to fix any kind of error on your PowerPoint, no matter how severe the error is.

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Steps to Fix the Error “PowerPoint Found an Error It Can’t Correct” 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016

  • Download and install Remo Repair PowerPoint on your computer
  • Launch the Software, click on the browse button
  • Navigate yourself to the location where the damaged PPT file existing and click on open
  • Hit the repair button and wait for Remo to work its magic
  • Once the corrupted PPT file is repaired, click on save and mention the desired location where you want to save the repaired PPT file

Fix Memory Overflow Error on PowerPoint

How to find out that the error you encountered is due to memory overflow and not because of a corrupted PPT file? Well, it is simple, in the case of a damaged or corrupted PPT file, you cannot access the PPT file. However, if the error is due to memory overflow, you will have no issues accessing the presentation but you will not be able to save it.

To fix the memory overflow error, you have to compress all the images in your presentation. To do that, you need to select every photo individually.

To select the photo, you just have to double click on the photo. Double-clicking the photo will directly take you to the formatting tab.

In the formatting tab, select the Compress Pictures option. In the Compress Pictures dialogue box, select 150 or 96 PPI based on the number of photos you have in a PPT file and click on OK.

That’s all, nevertheless, if you have 100 photos in your PPT, you have to individually select and apply these settings to all the photos. This is why it is highly recommended to use already compressed Photos if your presentation demands a high number of photos or videos.


With respect to all the details discussed in this article, the error “PowerPoint Found an Error It Can’t Correct” signifies that your PPT file is damaged. So the best solution to fix the error is only with the help of Remo Repair PowerPoint. At the same time, this error can also be due to memory overflow, nevertheless, the memory overflow might not be as frequent as a corrupted PPT file.

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