How to Repair Corrupt MP4 Video Files?

Updated December 29, 2021

When you say Repair MP4 Video files, Remo Video repair tool is the keyword. Integrated with sophisticated repair algorithms Remo flawlessly repairs individual video frame and reconstructs the damaged MP4 video file. Remo can tap into the damaged MP4 video codec, precisely tracks down the problematic video frame and fix the damaged MP4 video. Moreover, you can do that in 3 simple clicks.

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Repair Corrupt MP4 video files

Being compatible with almost all media players and streaming platforms MP4 became a standard video format among content creators, filmmakers, etc. However, due to some uncertain situations, even MP4 video might get damaged.

For example:
MP4 video with audio out of sync or delayed audio, video file unplayable or inaccessible, video showing some error codes, etc. Fortunately, you can easily fix a damaged MP4 video file, refer to the next section for detailed instructions.

Easiest Way To Fix Corrupted MP4 Videos

When an MP4 video becomes corrupt or broken, it might be either due to a damaged video track or audio track. It is impossible to manually repair these tracks separately. Hence, you need a video repair tool that can repair both tracks individually.

Use Remo Video Repair tool that can easily repair MP4 video files. This tool effortlessly separates audio and video tracks and scans each frame for errors. Then it takes a healthy reference file to repair any complex issue such as missing audio or video frames or damaged video header without altering the original content.

Once the MP4 video repair tool confirms that the problems are completely resolved, it adjoins the audio and video tracks and saves them on your computer. The best part of this process is it works on read-only mode so the original MP4 video files stay undamaged. Along with MP4 files, Remo Video Repair tool also fixes corrupt or damaged video files of various types like MOV, AVI, DIVX, XVID, etc. You can even use this tool to repair MOV or MP4 files shot on the latest cameras, smartphones, and drones.

How Do I Repair A MP4 Video File?

Download the Remo Repair MOV tool and install it in your system. Run the software.

  • From the home screen choose a healthy video file as a reference (selected healthy video file should be recorded using the same camera as that of corrupted video file) and then select the corrupted video file by clicking corrupted file option as shown in Figure 1
  • Now, click on Repair button as shown in Figure 2 to start the scanning process to fix corrupted video files
  • After the scanning process, you can preview the repaired video file Figure 3

Supported Video File Codecs:

  • Video - mp4v, avc1, mjpeg
  • Audio - RAW, mp4a, sowt

Available for: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. It is also available for Mac and it supports the latest macOS High Sierra and its previous versions. Click here to know how to repair MP4 video on Mac here.

Can VLC Repair MP4?

Yes, VLC media player can fix a damaged or corrupt MP4 video however, the functionalities are very limited. VLC can only fix simple errors, for example, audio out of sync error or audio delay errors. Unfortunately, VLC media player cannot fix complicated errors such as video with broken header or damaged video frames or audio tracks.

To fix complicated errors on MP4 you need to use Remo Video Repair tool, a sophisticated tool that adapts to every risky situation.

How to Repair corrupt MP4 video files using a VLC media player?

However, if you still want to fix broken MP4 video files using a VLC media player follow the steps below:

  • Open VLC media player, click on Media, and click on Convert/Save.
  • Repair MP4 files

    • Click on Add to insert the corrupt MP4 video file.

    repair video files

    • Input the destination file location and codec from the list.

    repair corrupt MP4

    • Click on Start and you’ll fix the corrupted MP4 video

    Scenarios That Result In The Corruption Of MP4 Video Files

    • Sometimes unidentified errors cause MP4 head file corruption will result in inaccessible MP4 file.
    • Minor interruptions while transferring the MP4 file in between two devices such as sudden jerks or shocks to the device might result in missing audio or video frames.
    • Highly level virus infection might alter the codec of the MP4 video file thus corrupting MP4 file.
    • Issues that arise on camera due to rough handling, abruptly switching off of camera will cause the pixelation or broken videos.

    Remo Repair MOV works seamlessly in all these scenarios and repair MP4 file and restores MP4 to original state.

    Why use Remo Repair MP4?

    Remo Repair MP4 is simple and user friendly tool. It comes with some extraordinary features that ensures read-only mechanism that is safe and provides full recovery of the corrupted file. Additionally, Remo Video Repair tool helps in resolving MP4 audio video sync issues. It also offers unlimited free support to help you, incase you need any kind of assistance. Thus, it is relatively effective to fix video file with the aid of this application.

    Safety Measures to Avoid Video File Corruption

    • Don't record video when camera battery is low
    • Avoid use of untrusted third party software to play MP4 videos
    • Do not eject memory card during file transfer process
    • Never record videos when memory card is full


    Q: What if my MP4 video gets completely damaged in the process?
    A: To avoid such situations Remo Repair MOV works specifically in read only mode so that your original MP4 videos stays untouched.

    Q: Why should I provide a healthy reference video?
    A:Because every video has an unique codec so when you provide the healthy video, this MP4 video repair tool will take the codec from healthy file as reference and repairs corrupted MP4 video file.

    Q: Should both healthy reference video and damaged video shot on the same device?
    A: Yes, due to every device has a specific file structure to save the MP4 video file. So, if you provide healthy video from a different device then file structure might not be the same and the MP4 repair process might be unsuccessful.

    Q: Why VLC media player is unable to fix MP4 files?

    A: You can use a VLC media player to repair MP4 video but it cannot fix severe video corruption. You can use VLC to only fix minor corruption in MP4 files. If the issue is severe you should use a reliable video repair tool.

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