How to Repair Corrupt MP4 Video Files

Easily repair MP4 video files which are corrupted / damaged and unplayable in QuickTime player with Remo Repair MOV tool. Fixes video files of formats MP4 and MOV created by different HD cameras, mobile phones, camcorders and hand-held cameras. Just Select, Repair, Preview, it's as simple as that. Download Now!!!!

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Repair corrupt MP4 video files

MP4 file format is known for delivering high clarity video and audio output, to deliver high quality videos, the size of these video files are large as compared to other video file formats. It is a well known fact that large files are highly susceptible to corruption as they occupy larger sections on the storage device. A corrupt MP4 file will never play in sync or even at times the mp4 video file will refuse to open. If a MP4 video file has a series track error, it refuses to give access to the file. Even if it does, it would have serious issues like pixelated cells, soundless movie etc. To recover mp4 file and repair it, you need Remo Repair MOV, which is a powerful mp4 video repair utility that has been developed to repair corrupted or damaged MP4 video files recovered from a storage device. Restored Videos taken using various cameras (supported video file codecs and cameras are listed below) are repaired by this tool

Easily Repair MP4 videos with Remo Repair MOV

Remo Repair MOV is available for Macintosh and Windows OS. This mp4 video repair tool removes corrupted tracks and re-joins the sequence of audio and video streams; thus making the MP4 and MOV videos playable again.

Along with MP4 files, Remo Video Repair tool also fixes corrupt or damaged MOV video files. You can use this tool to repair MOV or MP4 files from most of the modern cameras. Also, if you are using iPod Nano 5th generation and lost your videos of various formats like mp4, MOV, mpeg etc. then, here is a guide on restoring various video file formats from nano 5g, that will be useful in restoring lost/deleted videos.

Supported Camcorders:


Supported Video File Codecs:

  • Video - mp4v, avc1, mjpeg
  • Audio - RAW, mp4a, sowt

Available for: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. It is also available for Mac and it supports the latest macOS High Sierra and its previous versions.

MP4 File Corruption Scenarios

  • Sometimes unidentified errors cause MP4 file header corruption
  • Any interruption while transferring MP4 videos from one storage device to another
  • Virus infection on the storage device where MP4 files are stored
  • Camera errors while recording MP4 video

Why use Remo Repair MOV?

Remo Repair MOV is simple and user friendly tool. It comes with some extraordinary features that ensures read-only mechanism that is safe and provides full recovery of the corrupted file. Additionally, Remo Software helps in resolving MP4 audio video sync issues. It also offers unlimited free support to help you, incase you need any kind of assistance. Thus, it is relatively effective to fix video file with the aid of this application.

How to repair corrupted/damaged MP4 videos?

  • Download the demo version of Remo Repair MOV tool and install it in your system. Run the software, now choose a healthy video file as a reference (selected healthy video file should be recorded using same camera as that of corrupted video file) and then select the corrupted video file by clicking corrupted file option as shown in Figure 1
  • Now, click on Repair button as shown in Figure 2 to start the scanning process to fix corrupted video files
  • After the scanning process, you can preview the repaired video file Figure 3

Some Safety Measures to Avoid Video File Corruption

  • Don't record video when camera battery is low
  • Avoid use of untrusted third party software to play MP4 videos
  • Do not eject memory card during file transfer process
  • Never record videos when memory card is full

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