Lost Data Recovery from GPT Partition

Losing data from the GPT partition is rare but happens. If encountered such a case, Remo Partition Recovery software successfully recovers and restores all the data easily.

Speaking of GPT partitioning style, its biggest advantage is that it allows you to set up drives that are larger than 4 TB. GPT partition is also capable of accelerating the boot time. Currently, most of the operating systems are supporting the GPT partitions.

However, data present in these GPT partitions can be easily lost due to file system corruption, deletion or formatting of the disk. Sometimes, the entire partition from the GPT drive is missing which is indeed a dreadful situation. There have been instances, when you have lost data from GPT Partition after Windows 10 upgradation. Data is also lost if and when the GPT partition gets corrupted or damaged for some reason. All of the above situations can be redeemed i.e. recovering lost partition on GPT drive or recovering data from corrupted GPT partition and the entire GPT partition recovery is completely possible.

Possible reasons of Data loss in GPT partitions:

1. Shift deletion of files from the partition.

2. Opting to ‘format’ the partition without backup

3. Bad program exit while working on the GPT partition.

4. Following the incorrect procedure to convert GPT to MBR.

5. Sudden power cut while transferring files from the GPT partition to any other storage device.

6. GPT partition corruption due to virus or malware attack.

Apart from the above reasons, severe cases like corruption of operating system, hardware failure or reformatting the partition in an improper way may also cause loss of data in the GPT partition

Address the crisis by restoring files from the GPT partition

Issues related to the GPT are uncommon, people are not really aware of the fact that data on the GPT partitions could be lost or something could go wrong. Once, it has been concluded as to where lies the problem, it can be resolved using a Data Recovery software. Speaking of which, Remo Partition Recovery software provides you the ultimate way to resolve the issue. It recovers all the data from the GPT partition, for whatever reason it was lost, effortlessly.

Here’s a simplified way to restore data from GPT partition:

Remo Hard Drive Recovery software recovers your data that has been lost from the GPT Partition disk. Its intense scanning mechanism will search and find all the lost data from the concerned drive and provide you the list of the recovered items in a hierarchical pattern along with the respective file type. The items can then be restored in the system wherever the user wants. Apart from recovering data lost from GPT partition, it can also restore files from corrupt MBR.

Tutorial to recover data from GPT partition:

Step 1: Download & run the trial version of the Remo Hard Drive recovery software. You will be provided with two options. Choose "Recover Drives" << “Partition Recovery”. recover lost data from gpt partition1

Step 2: You shall be asked to select the drive from which data needs to be recovered. recover lost data from gpt partition2

Step 3: Once, the drive has been selected, the software starts with the scanning process. recover lost data from gpt partition3

Step 4: After the scanning is done, you will be presented list of recovered partitions. recover lost data fromgpt partition4

Step 5: Select the one from which you need to recover files. You will get an option to select the type of file that you wish to recover (in case you want all files back just skip this step). recover lost data from gpt partition5

Step 6: Now, software scans the partition and lists all files. You can restore the data by purchasing the software and can save them in any desired location of your system. recover files after corrupt MBR6

Backup plan: The ultimate back-up plan is to actually have a back-up of all the data stored in the GPT partitions from time to time. This will not only help you in such risky situations but will also save you a lot of time and money. In case, you have not taken a backup, here is one way to recover data lost from partition. .

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