Best Duplicate Photo Remover Windows | 2021

Manually deleting photos on Windows 10 is really time-consuming and tedious. When you capture photos on the camera, camcorder, or smartphone with good resolution, they come out with better image quality but also occupy large storage space. 

If your Windows computer is running out of space due to tons of duplicate photos, then opening each photo and looking for duplicates is not easy. Fortunately, in 2021, you can make use of duplicate photo remover software, which provides a smart way to remove duplicate photos on Windows in just simple clicks. 

This article involves extensive research and testing of 5 renowned duplicate photo remover tools aiming to ease your decision on the best duplicate photos remover software for you and your Windows computer.

What is the best duplicate photo remover?

  1. Remo Duplicate Photo Remover
  2. Awesome Duplicate Photo Remover
  3. VisiPics
  4. Duplicate Photo Cleaner
  5. Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro

In all, we have listed all the pros and cons of these 5 best photo finders or removers for Windows to ease your understanding of them.

1. Remo Duplicate Photo Remover

Remo Duplicate Photo Remover is one of the easiest photo remover tools for Windows in the bunch. Designed with a streamlined user interface, Remo Duplicate Photo Finder predefines all the options that are required to find and remove duplicate photos from Windows. 

remo duplicate photo remover

Check out why Remo Duplicate Photo Finder is one of the most preferred software to remove duplicate photos on Windows in 2021.


  • Most refined user interface
  • Streamlines the entire duplicate photo removing process. No need to make any adjustments or changes in settings to find the duplicate photos
  • The tool can detect even 90, 180 and 270 degrees rotated photos
  • Remo detects all the popular image formats without any issues
  • All the duplicate photos will be grouped, which makes it simple to find the best looking photo
  • You can customize the bitmap (for most efficient results)
  • Regular free of cost updates


  • The resolution of the preview is not high resolution

The best thing about this tool is, Remo will provide you with a highly responsive technical expert team that is available 24/7 to assist you in any complicated scenario. Click on the button below to download the Remo Duplicate File Remover.

2. Awesome Duplicate Photo Remover

Awesome duplicate photo remover is probably the simplest tool. It only has one window but it is the quickest to find duplicate photos. The lapses in sophistication have been balanced out in the time taken to find the duplicate photos. The following are the Pros and cons of the Awesome duplicate photo remover.

awesome duplicate photo remover


  • Quickest to find the duplicate photos
  • Display all the duplicate photos in the main window
  • Will not permanently delete the photos, which can be useful to avoid accidentally erasing important photos
  • Removes thousands of duplicate photos in one single go


  • Crude interface
  • Can detect only 5 photo formats
  • Preview photos are displayed one at a time
  • The preview of the photos is not clear.
  • No Mac version is available to delete duplicate photos from Mac

3. VisiPics Duplicate Photo Remover

VisiPics has one of the elaborate interfaces with numerous options. Since all the options are crammed in one single window without proper design or development it feels a little intimidating to use for first-time users. Nevertheless, the functionality of the tool is smooth and efficient. The following are the pros and cons of VisiPics.

visipics duplicate photo remover


  • You can pause and resume the scan process
  • Provided with auto mark, you can mark all the duplicate photos in a single go
  • The tool can also detect rotated photos but only 90 degrees rotated photos
  • Not only delete, the tool even enables the user to move the duplicate photos to a different folder in a single go


  • The interface is complicated to understand
  • Preview photos are stuffed in a single window and not clearly visible
  • Options are tucked in the menu bar and difficult to find
  • No updates will be provided

P.S: If you are looking for the best duplicate file remover click here

4. Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Compared to the previous tool, the Duplicate Photo Cleaner is well defined. With a complete graphical user interface, this Duplicate Photo Cleaner is one of the best duplicate photo removers in 2021. Here are the advantages you get with Duplicate File Cleaner.

duplicate photo cleaner


  • Duplicate File Cleaner can detect all most all the file formats including raw camera image formats
  • The tool also comes with a dedicated mobile scan option. However, the functionality is not promising
  • The detected duplicate photos can be segregated according to a tree format or grouping them together
  • Preview images are displayed in full resolution and you can auto-select the best-looking photo based on resolution and remove poor quality duplicate photos


  • Even though the tool being comprehensive, it did not provide a few simple options such as detecting rotated pics
  • Annoying notifications asking you to register for the premium version

5. Duplicate File Fixer Pro

Duplicate File Fixer Pro is really a pro tool. The tool is really elaborate and refined. Designed with slide bars, the tool is very appealing and easy to use. Additionally, Duplicate File Fixer Pro has a unique feature, which you will find out in the pros and cons section.

duplicate photo fixer pro


  • Complete graphical user interface and really easy to use
  • Duplicate File Fixer Pro has an option that will allow users to find duplicate photos according to GPS location. This might be a little confusing, but if you are a burst photo clicker it might be useful for you
  • This tool is really quick and efficient in finding duplicate photo files for Windows
  • Preview photos are displayed to the full original resolution
  • Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro’s auto-selection assistant is integrated with various auto select options that will help you remove duplicate photos quickly


  • Specifically, there are no cons for this tool other than you can only remove 15 duplicate photos in the demo version
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