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How to backup PST file in Outlook 2016 using Import/Export option?

Outlook is one of the most sought webmail service and the most popular version is MS Outlook 2016. Why Outlook is preferred over other webmail service? because Microsoft has structured Outlook to solve all needs of a user in one single platform. Some of them are integrating email, calendar and contacts, offline access to mail, options to minimize the clutter, Categorizing emails and more.

By using the above mentioned features of Outlook, a user can be more productive in work but the productivity stays until any mishap happens to their Outlook profile.

It can be an accidental deletion of some important emails or even an Outlook crash. To prevent such data loss scenarios, you are advised to backup Outlook pst file using anyone of the following methods suitable for your Outlook settings.

This pst backup guide explains about the easy methods available for Outlook profile not synced with Microsoft exchange server.

Key takeaways from this free Outlook data file backup guide:

1) Steps to export and import Outlook 2016 pst file

     i) How to export in Outlook 2016?

         a) Go to File -> Open & Export -> Import/Export
         b) From the list of options, select Export to a file
         c)In next window, choose Outlook Data File (.pst)
Now available data files and its sub folders are listed in a dialogue box. Select the PST file you want to backup and choose the subfolders to be exported.
         d) Click next and choose the destination folder to save the pst file
All the items you selected has been exported to a new pst file and saved in the destination folder selected by you.

         ii) How to import in Outlook 2016?

         a) Go to File -> Open & Export -> Import/Export
         b) Select Import from another program or file
         c) Now choose Outlook Data File (.pst)

By using browse option, you can select the pst file that has to be imported to Outlook 2016

2) How to backup pst file in Outlook 2016?

         Step 1) Go to -> Control Panel, Search and open Mail application
         Step 2) Click on Data Files option and all data file of Outlook is displayed in next dialogue box
         Step 3) Choose the PST file you want to backup and click Settings
         Step 4) On the next window, you can copy the location of the selected PST file from Filename box
         Step 5) Close all Windows, go to that file path and copy the PST file to your backup disk such as external hard  drive, flash drive or any sort of storage space.

3) How to backup Personal Address Books in Outlook 2016?

Personal Address Book contains the email addresses and other contact information you stored in Outlook 2016 contact list. Contacts in personal address books are saved in a separate pst file in your computer’s disk. To include this pst file in the address book, you should follow the steps mentioned in this guide

       Step 1) Go to Start -> Search -> For Files or Folders.
       Step 2) Now search for .pab files
       Step 3) Note the path of the .pab file and go to the location using My Computer or Windows Explore.  Now copy .pab file and save it the same storage space where backup pst file is saved for easy access

You can restore .pab file by following the steps mentioned below

      Step 1) Go to Outlook 2016 -> File -> Account Settings 
      Step 2) Open Address Book -> New -> Additional Address Book
      Step 3) Select Personal Address Book and type the path of file to add it in Outlook 2016

Above mentioned are the free methods to backup your pst file and Personal address book on your Outlook 2016. By using this free method, you can only backup certain attributes such as email, contacts, calendar, notes and few Outlook items. But there are tools available online to backup entire Outlook Personal Folder Table contents and you can easily migrate & restore it any time.

Remo Backup and Migrate is an automated Outlook backup software that can be used to import/export outlook pst file from Outlook 2016, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, and Outlook 2003. By using this software, you can easily backup pst file and migrate it to another computer or higher Outlook version or to a new operating system.

How to use Remo Backup and Migrate to backup pst file?

     Step 1) Launch Remo Backup and Migrate, choose Smart Backup or Advanced Backup
     Step 2) Smart Backup: This option is used to backup entire Outlook data file i.e PST file. Choose the PST you want to backup
                    Advanced Backup: This option is used to setup automatic backup schedule and you can select  individual Outlook attributes for backup. Choose the PST, schedule backup date & time, and select Outlook items for backup
    Step 3) Choose the location to save the backup pst file
    Step 4) Next window you can password protect a backup file or split the backup file
    Step 5) Click on report to check the log files generated.

Features of Remo Backup and Migrate

  1) Easy to backup all your Outlook content in one click
  2) Backup, Migrate and Restore using a single software
  3) You can setup automatic backup routine
  4) Password protect and split oversize your backup pst file

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