How to Extract Email Addresses from Mail Folders in Outlook

You will need to extract email addresses from Outlook folders for various reasons. Maybe you want to import Outlook email addresses to your Gmail account. Or maybe you don’t want to invest in expensive email marketing systems, but wish to send out emails to potential clients following a seminar. Whatever the situation is, extracting email addresses is the first step.

This article explains how you can extract email addresses in Outlook. It also provides tips on recovering deleted emails in Outlook. Read on to learn more.

How to Extract Email addresses in Outlook?

Extracting email addresses from mail folders in Outlook is a simple process and can be done in a few simple steps as explained below.

  1. Click on File > Import and Export
  2. Then select Export to file
  3. Select Microsoft Excel or a CSV file
  4. Select an Outlook folder to extract email addresses
  5. Click on Browse to select a destination folder and assign a name to the output file
  6. Click on Map Custom Fields. This will display all available fields in that folder
  7. Since we only want email addresses, click on Clear Map, and drag From: (address) from left to the right
  8. Click Ok and then click Finish
  9. Open the output Excel sheet and remove duplicates

This way you can extract email addresses from Outlook folders and use it for a variety of different purposes.

Now, consider a situation where some of your emails were accidentally deleted while using Outlook. The first place you normally look for is Deleted Items folder. Here you can search for the item you want, right-click on it and select Move > Other folders. This way they can be restored.

If you don’t find it in the Deleted Items folder and you’re wondering if there are still present in Outlook. Yes, they are but they need to be recovered using specialized tools such as Remo Repair PST.

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is one of the best tools to recover deleted emails in Outlook. It can recover all attributes such as To, CC, Sub, attachments, etc. In addition to emails, it can also recover notes, journals, calendar items, and other folders as well.

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The software works on the read-only mechanism and thus, no damage is caused to your original data. Your emails are recovered safely and can be previewed in the Outlook Style browser.

The software is compatible with all versions of Windows OS including the latest Windows 10. All Outlook versions including Outlook 2019 are supported. How to recover deleted emails from Outlook 2007 explains the recovery process in detail.

How to Recover deleted Emails using Remo Repair Outlook PST software?

Recovering emails is easy using the Remo Repair Outlook tool. To begin with, download and install the application on your system.

Step 1: Run the tool and select your PST file on the main screen. You can also let the tool find PST file for you automatically.

Remo Repair Outlook to extract email addresses

Step2: Select a scanning option (Select Normal scan to recover deleted emails. If emails are not found with this, you can choose Smart Scan).

Step 3: Click on Browse to choose a destination folder to save the file.

Remo Repair Outlook to extract email addresses

Step 4: Once the process is complete, all Outlook items will be stored in the destination folder.

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