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Fix a RAW USB Drive and Recover Data from RAW USB Drive

Summary: Wondering whether it is possible to repair your RAW USB drive and recover data from a RAW USB drive? Don’t worry, this article will guide you to effortlessly restore data from USB drives and also provides you all the necessary information to fix your RAW USB drive yourself. If you are looking to quickly recover data from RAW USB drive, make use of Remo USB Recovery Software to get back your files. Download the tool for free now.

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Table of Contents: 

Indications of RAW USB or Flash Drive

Why do USB drives Turn RAW?

How Can I Recover Files from RAW USB?

Step by Step Guide to Recover Data from RAW USB Drive

How Do I Fix a RAW USB or Flash Drive?


Indications of a RAW USB or Flash Drive:

  • Missing files and folders or complete drive showing up as empty
  • File names and folder names replaced by weird characters
  • Suddenly file system is changed from FAT32 or NTFS to RAW
  • USB throws an error saying used space 0 bytes, free space 0 bytes
  • Errors like RAW USB drive not recognized in Windows computer

These are some of the common indications you will see when your USB drive has turned RAW. As you can see there is no clear indication that will say that your drive is RAW. Hence, it is important for you to notice these indications to understand the problem.

Common Reasons Behind USB or Flash drive turning RAW: 

  • Interruptions like sudden power failure or abrupt system shutdown while formatting into different file system
  • Ejecting the USB while file transfer can turn the USB drive as RAW
  • Virus attack or a malware infection to the computer

The above mentioned are the most common reasons and scenarios that lead to a RAW USB drive. Irrespective of the above scenario you can fix the RAW USB drive effortlessly.

How Can I Recover Files from RAW USB?

When you notice that your USB drive has turned RAW, the first thing you worry about is getting back data from the RAW USB drive. However, recovering data from any drive that has turned RAW cannot be done manually and should be done only through a trust worthy USB data recovery software. We have a recommendation for you which you’ll never regret.

USB drive turning RAW is one of the most common way to lose data loss. However, with a powerful USB data recovery software like Remo Recover by your side, you can easily restore data from RAW USB drive. Download and try the tool for free now. 

free-download-for-win free-download-for-mac

Step by Step Guide to Recover Data from RAW USB Drive

Download and Install Remo Recover Software on your computer. Plug in the USB drive from which you want to recover data and follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Launch the software, select Recover Partitions, select the RAW USB drive and click on Scan
    recover data from RAW USB Drive
  • After completion of the scanning process the tool lists the recovered data in two ways: File Type View and Data Type View
    recovered files from RAW USB drive will be listed in file type view and data type view
  • You can Preview the recovered data from RAW USB drive to judge the recovery rate of software
    preview the recovered data from RAW USB drive
  • If you are satisfied with the results you can activate the software before you Save the recovered files.

How Do I Fix a RAW USB or Flash Drive?

To fix a RAW USB drive there are various methods that will help you fix a RAW USB drive. The following are the best possible ways to fix your RAW USB drive after recovering data.

Fix RAW USB Drive Using Error Checking Tool

Using a built-in error checking tool is the easiest way to fix RAW USB drive. Follow the below mentioned methods to fix RAW USB drive using error checking tool:

  • Connect the USB drive that has turned RAW
  • Under this PC, right click on the USB drive and click on Properties
  • Click on Tools, under tools you will see a Error checking and a button named Check
    use error checking tool to fix RAW USB drive
  • Select Scan and Repair Drive to start repairing the RAW USB drive.
    click on Scan and repair drive to repair RAW USB drive

If the above-mentioned method did not help you fix your RAW USB drive then go to the next method where you have to format the USB drive into the desired file system.

Important Note: Formatting a RAW USB drive will erase the existing on your drive and makes your USB drive readily available for use. Hence proceed with formatting, if you have recovered data from the RAW USB drive like with the above-mentioned method. Else you will be wondering how to recover data from Formatted USB drives.

Format RAW USB Drive into Desired File System:

The simplest way of formatting any drive is just by clicking on the drive and clicking on format i.e. as mentioned below:

  • Go to This PC, right click on USB drive
  • Click on format and select the desired file system and click OK
    format RAW USB drive

Considering that your USB drive has turned RAW there are chances that formatting using the above-mentioned steps might fail hence try the next method which guides you to format USB drive using a Disk management.

Format RAW USB Drive Using Disk Management:

  • Connect the RAW USB Drive and right click on the This PC
  • Click on Manage and go to Disk Management
  • In Disk Management right click on the RAW USB Drive and format it with the desired file system.
  • After the process is completed, safely remove the USB drive and reconnect to see if you have successfully repaired the RAW drive.

How to Avoid Your USB Drive from turning RAW again? 

  • Use your USB drive with the FAT32 file system which is the best suited file system for USB drives.
  • Protect your computer with a trustworthy antivirus software
  • Take regular backup of your USB data
  • Last but not the least, handle your portable storage devices better by following safe removal from devices and scanning devices every time you connect it.


Although the above-mentioned precautions will help you avoid your USB drive into RAW but it doesn’t guarantee it. However, the methods mentioned in this article will not help you recover your data from your RAW USB drive but also helps you repair RAW USB drives.

Please do share the article and review our tool if you were successful in recovering data from your RAW hard drive. Do make use of the comment section if you have any query regarding RAW USB Drive Recovery.

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