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Wondering how to recover deleted videos from GoPro Camera? This article has solutions for GoPro video recovery for both GoPro Plus users and non-GoPro Plus users on both Windows and Mac.

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Why Did My GoPro Delete Videos?

This question may arise in your mind when you haven’t deleted them but instead lost the files on the GoPro, there can be many causes behind video deletion like accidental deletion, Physical damage, SD card errors like “NO SD” or ‘SD ERR”, Abrupt removal of SD card during a file transfer or a copy process.

Mishandling GoPro features like “Automatically delete files from the camera after importing” can also cause video loss in GoPro cameras.

In case you have only deleted videos unintentionally hang in there, Your footage can be brought back.

All that’s said and done, there are different ways to retrieve videos and photos from GoPro cameras because they still reside on the SD card, Just the file system is not able to access the contents.

There is one GOLDEN RULE you should do to get the lost photos and videos back,
DO NOT USE THE GoPro SD CARD AFTER DATA LOSS, We say this as the golden rule because if you are using the SD card or formatting it after video loss the existing data will be overwritten, Reducing the chances for a full Go-Pro Recovery.

Methods to Recover Deleted GoPro Camera Files

You can recover GoPro deleted videos by following the below-mentioned methods:

With the above-listed approaches, you can definitely recover deleted videos from the SD card of GoPro cameras. The main key to recovery is to refrain from using the GoPro camera or its SD card any further. This will avoid overwriting the existing recoverable data.

Method 1: Recover Deleted Videos from GoPro Plus Backup

Note📌: This method is applicable only to GoPro users with a GoPro Plus subscription.

If you have a GoPro Hero 5 or later your backup will reside in the cloud you can get your videos and photos from there.

GoPro Plus automatically backs up your camera whenever it is connected to Wi-Fi and being charged, providing unlimited cloud backup to its subscribers.

  • Simply log in to the GoPro website or Quik App and recover your GoPro videos from there.

If you haven’t done this before or didn’t know this. You can still get back your GoPro videos using the data recovery tool.

Method 2: Recover Permanently Deleted GoPro Videos Using Remo Recover- Data Recovery Software

Remo Recover can recover videos and photos from GoPro cameras with simple clicks, The tool can recover almost all formats of photos and videos like MP4, HEVC, GPR, and JPEG to GoPro proprietary format LRV files.

The maximum requirement the software requires is that your GoPro SD must be recognized by the computer and you are good to recover the deleted files from the GoPro camera.

Steps to Use Remo Recover to GoPro File Recovery

1: Download and Install the Remo Photo Recovery software and Connect the SD card from which you want to restore deleted or lost GoPro videos

2: Select the SD card from the list of all available drives, and hit the Scan button to start the GoPro video recovery.

select the GoPro SD card from home

3: After completion of the scanning process, you can locate the recovered files in the Deleted Files and Lost and Found Files folders.
TIP: Use the Search box and Advanced Filter features to sort the recovered files as you wish.

locate the GoPro files

4:Double-click on any file to preview it.

preview the recovered photos and videos

5: Finally, select the GoPro video files you want to save and hit the Recover button to save the video files locally.

save the recovered GoPro files

Note - If you wondering how to fix GoPro error code 30, click on the link here to know more.

How to Avoid Automatic Deletion of GoPro Videos after Import?

Automatic deletion of imported GoPro videos and photos might be uncomfortable for most of you. If the files are not transferred properly and at the same time deleted on the SD card. You might be in trouble.

Hence the best way to overcome this issue is to manually copy the videos and photos from the SD card and later format the SD card.

However, to disable the auto-deletion click on camera settings in the Quik app and uncheck the Automatically delete files from the camera after importing option. This way, you can avoid the loss of videos due to various GoPro video errors and problems.

If you ar having trouble connecting your GoPro camera on the GoPro App for Desktop. Then, follow the solutions mentioned in this article to help you fix the GoPro camera is not Recognized on GoPro App for Desktop issue.


We hope the solutions listed in this article have helped you recover your beloved GoPro videos. We highly recommend taking regular backups and preserving your SD card well to avoid data loss.

However, one cannot be prepared for all loss cases. In such situations, use a clean and effective data recovery tool like Remo Recover for GoPro video recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to recover videos from a formatted GoPro memory card?

To recover Videos from a formatted GoPro Memory card:
1. Download and Install Remo Recover on your computer.
2. Connect the SD card to the system and launch the software.
3. Click on Scan to begin the GoPro recovery process and wait till the scan is completed.
4. Preview the recovered files and save the videos in your preferred location.

2. Why is the GoPro SD card not showing all files?

If your GoPro SD card is not showing all files then the reason could be:
- Connection issues between the card and the hosting device.
- Files might be hidden by default.
- Data corruption issues.
- Unsuported file system.

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