Know How to Fix GoPro SD card Error

The world’s most versatile camera, GoPro isn’t as versatile as they claim to be when it comes to handling SD cards. The camera is known for its incredible ability to shoot high quality action videos, its users frequently face “SD card Error”. Are you one of those facing GoPro SD error? Know how to fix GoPro SD card error and additionally this article guides on how to format SD card in GoPro camera.

How to fix GoPro SD card error?

Be it your smartphone, DSLR or a GoPro camera they all rely on SD cards to store photos and videos. GoPro especially requires specific SD card with a very high read and write speeds to work without any interruptions. When SD cards that do not meet the requirements of the camera are used then GoPro SD card error occurs.

“No SD” Error or “SD Card Error”:
GoPro No SD car Error in Hero3

This is one of the most common error among GoPro cameras. The error is same irrespective of which version of GoPro you are using. Be it the latest Hero 7 or the Hero 3, the problem remains same.

The following are simple fixes for GoPro SD card error:

  • Make sure that SD card is inserted properly in the camera. Try removing it and insert it properly again.
  • If the above GoPro SD card error occurs after shooting a high resolution video on your phone then the problem can be low read and write speed of your SD card. Try another SD card with your GoPro and see if it works
  • If you are still facing this GoPro SD card error then it can be due to the SD card which isn’t formatted properly. Try formatting the SD card, this should fix GoPro SD card error else it might be a problem with GoPro camera and not the SD card.

The only way to fix GoPro SD card error is by formatting the SD card. We all know formatting the SD card will erase everything that existed on SD card. Take regular backup of data from SD card. In case if your SD card is corrupted or inaccessible, all your important videos shot on GoPro will be lost. It is recommended to make use of a trusted video recovery software to perform GoPro file recovery.

Remo Video File Recovery Software is a tailor made tool to recover videos shot on GoPro cameras that are lost due to the GoPro SD card Error. Irrespective of the data loss scenario, the tool can easily get back your GoPro Videos from SD card that is inaccessible to GoPro SD card error. Download and try the tool for free now.

free-download-for-win free-download-for-mac

GoPro SD Card Format Guide:

Wondering why to format SD card on GoPro when you can easily do it on your Mac or Windows computer. Well the answer is simple, you won’t be with your laptop or computer all the time.
What would you do if you face this GoPro SD card error when you are out shooting videos on your GoPro. Hence it is important that you know how to format SD card in GoPro camera.

Quick steps to Format SD card in GoPro (Hero7/6/5)

  • Insert SD card you want to format into the camera
  • Turn on the camera, Open menu on the back screen
  • Go to Preferences
  • Scroll down tap on Format SD card and select Delete.

You can format SD card that fails to show due to GoPro SD card error using the above mentioned steps.

NOTE: These steps are only applicable to Hero5 Black, Hero 6 and Hero 7.

If you are using older versions like Hero4 session or Hero5 session here is a GoPro SD card format guide for these versions of GoPro cameras:

How to Format SD card using GoPro app?

  • Insert the memory card into GoPro camera and turn on the camera
  • Make sure the camera is connected to your phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • Open GoPro app and go to Settings
  • Go down to Delete section
  • Tap on Delete all files from SD card.

This will let you easily format SD card on GoPro camera. This GoPro SD card format guide is applicable to all GoPro cameras that have Wi-Fi support.
Now that you know how to format SD card in GoPro camera, you can go ahead with the process but do not forget to take a backup of the existing data. You will lose all your data from SD card if you format SD card without having a backup.

In case you missed to take backup and lost videos shot on GoPro, stop using the SD card and make use of a trusted video recovery software to recover data from formatted SD card.

 Specialized in SD card recovery, Remo Recover is effective video recovery software for GoPro cameras. Integrated with an advanced scan algorithm, the tool locates and recovers videos even after formatting the GoPro SD card. Download the free trail now!!

free-download-for-win free-download-for-mac

Recover GoPro Videos lost due to GoPro SD card Error:

Download and install Remo Recover software and follow the mentioned steps. On the main screen click on Recover Files and select the drive to recover videos lost from GoPro SD card error and click on Scan. After the scanning process is complete, the recovered GoPro videos will be displayed in File Type View and Data View. Double click on the files to Preview them. Finally, click on Save and browse for a location to save the recovered videos.

Why use Remo Video Recovery Tool? 

  • Tailor made for GoPro SD Error: Considering the vast user base and serious loss of video shot on GoPro camera due to GoPro SD error and SD format error, Remo GoPro Video Recovery software was created.
  • Recover Videos From any GoPro Camera: The versatility of the software makes GoPro video recovery possible across all the models such as Hero7, Hero6, Hero5, Hero4, Hero3, Fusion and Karma.
  • Recover GoPro Videos from any SD card: The tool is designed to recover more than 300 plus file types like audio, video, images and documents from corrupted and inaccessible SD cards of major brands like SanDisk, Samsung, Sony, Lexar etc.


With GoPro gaining popularity for its versatility in shooting high action video, it is important that you are equipped with this GoPro SD card format guide. At times it so happens that the recovered video files after formatting the SD card fail to play. It is recommended to know how to repair GoPro video file that fails to play. Do let us know if this article helped you to fix SD card error or if you were successful in formatting SD card in GoPro in the comments section below.

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