How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos on GoPro Cameras

GoPro is one of the best action cameras available today. Hobbyists, professional stuntmen, sports enthusiasts, and many more prefer a GoPro over any other action camera. Besides capturing and producing videos, GoPro also provides exceptional media management service through a suite called Quik.

One notable feature of this app is its ability to “Automatically delete files from the camera after importing”. It saves the users precious time in deleting from the SD card after being copied to the computer.

Just a small technical glitch in the app might prevent you from copying your GoPro files onto the computer. If the automatic deletion feature is enabled, the videos will be deleted in the original file location i.e. SD card.

Now that videos are deleted on both the computer and the SD card, you might be left wondering if there was a way to recover them. Although this mishap can be quite rare, it will definitely erase your precious photos and videos.

Learn how to change your settings to avoid this automatic deletion. Also provided is a great hack to recover video files from GoPro with the utmost ease.

Can I Recover Deleted GoPro Videos and Photos?

Yes, you can definitely recover deleted videos from the SD card of GoPro cameras. The main key to recovery is to refrain from using the GoPro camera or its SD card any further. This will avoid overwriting of the existing recoverable data.

Next, take the help of a trusted data recovery tool to scan and recover all the deleted videos captured on your GoPro SD card. This is the easier and quickest way to recover your GoPro videos.

Did you know the photos and videos remain on the GoPro SD card even after a deletion? With an effective data recovery solution, you can easily recover data without defiling the photos and videos. Bank on a viable tool such as Remo GoPro Recovery tool can assist you in this regard. Integrated with a powerful deep scan engine, the tool reaches out to every sector of the drive to recover the lost photos and videos. Download and try the software for free now.

recover deleted files from external hard drive on Windowsrecover deleted files from external hard drive on Mac

How To Recover Deleted GoPro Videos?

Download and Install the Remo Recover Windows Media Edition and follow the below steps

  • From the main screen select the Recover Photos tab, choose the SD card for GoPro photo recovery, and hit the Scan button

recover photos from GoPro

  • After completion of the scanning process, the recovered GoPro videos will be presented in File Type View and Data View

View the photos retrieved from GoPro

  • If you have not found the files click on Deep Scan at the bottom of the screen
  • Double click on the recovered GoPro files to Preview and validate the video

preview the retrieved photos from GoPro

  • Finally, hit the Save button and provide a location to save the recovered GoPro files

Note - If you wondering how to fix GoPro error code 30, click on the link here to know more.

Why Choose Remo Recover for GoPro File Recovery?

How to Avoid Automatic Deletion of GoPro videos after Import

Automatic deletion of imported GoPro videos and photos might be uncomfortable to most of you. If the files are not transferred properly and at the same time deleted in SD card. You might be in trouble.Hence the best way to overcome this issue is to manually copy the videos and photos from SD card and later format the SD card.

However, to disable the auto-deletion click on camera settings in the Quik app and uncheck the Automatically delete files from camera after importing option. This way you can avoid loss of videos due to various GoPro video errors and problems.

What could be the other reasons for loss of GoPro photos and videos

  • Memory card corruption: Due to some physical damage in the memory card while using the camera, there is a lot of chance to lose important videos from GoPro cameras
  • Incomplete File transfer: The video files can be lost if there is an interruption during the file transfer from the camera SD card to the computer. Hence, you should make sure there is a proper connection maintained during the file transfer.
  • Virus Infection: If the computer is not protected with antivirus the videos will be deleted from the SD card when it is connected to the affected computer.
  • Accidental Deletion: To accommodate more videos on the drive, the user might have deleted a few unimportant videos. During such incidents, the user might have deleted other important information unknowingly. Which leads to the loss of GoPro videos.


The videos shot on GoPro camera can be deleted at any time for many reasons. The GoPro videos can also be corrupted at times. There also easy ways to repair GoPro videos. However, it might take extra time.

To avoid such scenarios, it is advised to make a backup up copy of these on the computer or any other storage device. If you don't have a backup and the if the videos are permanently deleted, download and use the Remo video recovery software to quickly recover deleted GoPro videos

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