How to Repair Corrupt AVI File on Mac?

Stuttering, freezing or improper audio and video synchronization indicates that your AVI video file is corrupt. The most common reason as to why an AVI file gets corrupted is incomplete information caused by interruptions while playing or transferring the file. Read this write-up keenly to learn how to repair corrupt AVI files on Mac.

When the AVI file gets corrupted, it fails to play and prompt various errors. Let’s look at some of the causes that lead to corrupted AVI files on Mac:

  • Frequently changing the file format to temporarily fix the video leads to corruption and inaccessibility
  • Interruptions while playing the video or forced system shutdown also leads to AVI header corruption on Mac
  • Interruptions while transferring AVI videos to another Mac system or an external storage device corrupts the file
  • Temporary modifications to play the AVI file on an unsupported media player leads to corruption of your AVI video on Mac

When your AVI video file gets corrupted, it turns unplayable or choppy. However, AVI files that are not playing can be fixed using a professional AVI repair tool like Remo Repair AVI. This tool fixes corrupt AVI files on Mac without modifying the original file as this tool is built only for read-only mode. The user-friendly interface of Remo Repair AVI lets you fix your AVI files on Mac without involving any technical or complex steps.

Tool to Repair Corrupted AVI Videos on Mac

VLC Media Player for Mac is capable of fixing corrupt AVI files on Mac for free by changing Preferences of the VLC player.

  • Open VLC player, go to Preferences and select Show all
  • Expand Demuxers and click on AVI
  • Select Always fix from the Force index creation dropdown and click Save
    select avi always fix to repair corrupted avi files on mac

Your corrupt AVI file on Mac will be fixed in no time. If this did not fix your corrupt AVI file on Mac, using a professional AVI video repair tool on Mac is highly recommended. Follow the below-mentioned steps of video repair tool and your AVI file will be fixed easily in no time.

Repair Corrupt AVI File on Mac Using Remo Repair AVI Mac

Remo Repair AVI, an award-winning tool that creates a copy of your original AVI file to keep it from modifications. The tool separates the audio and video streams of your corrupt AVI file to fix them and re-joins to create a corruption-free playable AVI file. This tool can fix AVI video files on all Mac OS versions including the latest El Capitan.

download the software to repair avi files on Mac for free

Note: You can also repair corrupt AVI files on Windows OS using the Remo Repair AVI Windows version.

Download, install and launch Remo Repair AVI on your Mac to start the repair process.

Step 1: Click on Browse to select the corrupted AVI file.

main screen of thesoftware to repair AVI videos

Step 2: Click on Repair button once you have selected your unplayable AVI file to start the repair process.

Step 3: Once the AVI video is repaired, make use of the Preview feature to verify the video before saving it on any of your storage devices.


Using Remo Repair AVI, you must have fixed the corrupt AVI file easily. However, if you have any queries regarding the product, make use of the technical assistance provided by the Remo Software team.

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