5 Quick Ways to Back Up Your Microsoft Outlook Data

Microsoft Outlook is one of the gems that is given to all computer users of the world. It has some exceptionally good features and a great user experience that makes it the first choice for all of us. You might be using Outlook at your home or office computer to keep on track with all your emails, contacts, calendar and so on. Increase the volume of data in your Outlook and its performance starts declining. Along with the threat of getting deleted, corrupted or lost, it’s always a good choice to backup your Outlook data.

Some of the fundamental reasons of Outlook data file corruption are the presence of malware, overloading of volumes in your Outlook, interruption during upgradations, abrupt termination of Outlook application and so on. In any case, you must need a proper handling of all your Outlook data. A troubled user is always on a look-out for an ultimate guide to Outlook data file backup to secure important data.

Here are five ways in which you will be able to backup your Outlook data. And easily avoid the loss of any important information.

Use Add-In

Microsoft Outlook supports many add-ins that can help the user to maneuver through the interface. A lot of such add-ins are currently available for a number of functions in Outlook. One specific such add in is “Personal Folder Backup”.

This add-in plays a crucial role in the backup of your PST files. The Personal Folder Backup is continuously creating a backup of your PST file at regular time periods. Thus you don’t have to bother about manually going through the backup process of your PST file.

This tool can be accessed from the File > Backup and go to options. This allows you to the target file to back up, the location of backup creation and frequency of backup. With all these functions, this add-in plays one of the most useful parts in backing up your Outlook data

Import/Export File

This is also one of the important steps you should follow to safeguard your Outlook data. With just a few steps, you can export your important file from outlook and also import them when needed in the same system or a different system.

Here are the steps to follow in order to export your PST file:

Go to File > Import/Export

Select Export to File

Select Personal Folder File(.pst)

Select the Export Folder – You can opt for subfolders by checking in the ‘Include Subfolders’ check box

Select the Destination Folder – set the location of the exported file and click Finish

In order to restore the data;

Go to File>Import/Export

Select ‘import from other programs' of the file.

Select the destination folder and click Finish

This will import all the data that was saved in the specific location and you can view all the information in your Outlook.

Copy Files Manually

One of the old school ways of securing your Outlook data is to manually copy the files and saving in the system. But this is one of the most effective efforts in saving the Outlook files. You can manually copy the .pst file into your desired location for safety and to use later.

All the Outlook files are saved in a specific location in your Windows. You can either search for the specific files or go to one of the following locations;



Drive:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application data\Microsoft\Outlook

The Outlook saves all the information with a file extension .pst, or personal storage table. It has all the data like emails, journal, notes and calendar. All this information can be recovered with the help of this PST file.

You can also access the PST file with data file management tab. To do this

Go to File > Data File management > Select the folder and click Open folder

As soon as you have located the file, copy it and paste in any location. You can even get a backup in external drive like CD, Flash drive etc.

If you want to restore the data, go to the file tab;

Go to File > Open > Outlook Data File – Browse for the file and select for upload.

Relocating Outlook Data

There is one way to export and import your files, but this does not change the default location of your Outlook data. In order to do that, you need to follow these steps;

First, shut the Outlook down and try to locate the .pst file which has all your Outlook data.

Once you locate the PST file Copy the file and paste in a different partition.

Once you have done this, change the name of Old Outlook file.

(This will help you restore the file in case of failure of Outlook)

Now Restart Outlook

In the prompt, select the new location for the file.

In this way, you can maintain the integrity of your Outlook data and save the precious information you have. This will act as a backup in case of Outlook failure.

Use Third Party Applications

A third party application always makes your work convenient and easy. The same is with backing up your Outlook data file.

There is a stream of third-party software in the market, and each one offers a great deal of facilities to perform your task. The third party software have some additional features along with the same.

You can make use of an external tool to backup your Outlook data and secure it in a timely manner.

With these five ways, you can backup all your data from Outlook and secure your important information like emails, calendar, and other relevant data.

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