Fix - Windows 10 ‘Scanning and Repairing Drive’ Stuck

After Windows 10 update, you might sometimes encounter not so pleasant surprises. One among them is when your system gets stuck at “scanning and repairing drive” C: or D: screen when booting into the system. The scanning never seems to complete and just stops at a certain percentage. So if you try to restart the computer, then you get another “scanning and repairing drive” loop.

Scanning and repairing drive on booting happens:

  • If there are bad sectors on the drive
  • You didn’t shut down the computer properly
  • Incorrectly configured drivers
  • Virus infection on the system

So when the scanning and repairing drive halts at 16%, 40%, or another percent number for long, and fails to boot, then read on to know how to resolve the issue.

Fix Stuck “Scanning and Repairing Drive” in Windows 10:

Fix 1: Set hard drive as boot drive

  • Enter the BIOS, go to Boot section and check boot priority list
  • If your boot drive is not at the top, then make it your number one priority (rather than Windows Boot Manager / USB HDD for example)
  • Save and exit BIOS
  • Reboot

Fix 2: Boot in Safe mode

  • Hold the Power button until the computer shuts down
  • Now press the Power button again to turn the computer on
  • The computer should say Windows failed to start or something similar
  • Go to Advanced Repair Options - Troubleshoot - Advanced Options - Startup Settings
  • Click Restart and choose Safe Mode to enter safe mode
  • Log in and now reboot

Fix 3: Using CHKDSK

  • As mentioned in Fix 2, follow the 1st 3 steps
  • Now choose Advanced Options - Command Prompt
  • Type the following: fsutil dirty query c: (replace c: with your boot drive label)
  • Now type this: chkntfs /x c: (again replace c: with your boot drive label)
  • Type Exit and then reboot

Note: Running the CHKDSK command is not always reliable, as it may lead to drive corruption or data loss, In any such situations, you may have to use proper tools to recover data after CHKDSK error.

  • Reboot the system

4 fixes to resolve to scan and repairing drive in Windows 10 were seen. Hope these methods work and your problem gets solved. Sometimes, after performing the system restore, there are chances of losing data on Windows 10. In such cases it is important to use the right tool to recover data after factory reset on Windows 10. Also if the fixing process is not carried out properly, even then there are chances of losing files from the drive. With the help of Remo Recover software, you can easily restore data lost on Windows 10. The tool will recover photos, videos, compressed files, presentation files, and many other files that are lost.

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