How to Export Outlook Calendar?

Calendar is one of the most prominent features in Microsoft Outlook. With Outlook calendar you can set up meetings, organise appointments and events and many more things that can make your workplace communication better.Here in this article you will be learning how to export Outlook calendar to new computer or exporting calendar to excel sheet and last but not the least you will know the simplest way to move Outlook to new computer. Make sure you stick till the end of the article, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Table of contents

Export Outlook Calendar to Excel Spreadsheet

Export Outlook Calendar to PST File

How to move Outlook Calendar and other attributes to new computer

Transfer Outlook calendar to Google Calendar


Export Outlook Calendar to Excel Spreadsheet

To export or move Outlook Calendar to Excel spreadsheet follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Open Outlook, click on file
  • Go to Open & Export and click on Import or Export
    click on import or export
  • Select the Export to file and click on next
    select export to file to export outlook calendar
  • Select Comma Separated Values and click on next
    export outlook calendar to Excel or CSV
  • Click on Finish and provide the date range. Remember if you do not mention the date range the process of exporting Outlook calendar to excel will take time.

Export Outlook Calendar to PST File

Open Outlook on your computer and follow the below mentioned methods to export Outlook to a PST file:

  • Click on File and go to Open & Export
  • Now go to Import or Export and click on Export to file and click on next
  • Select Outlook data file (.pst)
    select Outlook data file to export calendar to PST
  • In the next window select Outlook Calendar folder and click on next
    select Outlook calendar folder
  • Click on Browse and specify the location and name of the file
  • And finally the finish button

That’s all you have successfully exported Outlook Calendar to a PST file. If you find any trouble with the PST file or find it damaged or corrupted you can know more on how to repair a PST file here.

How to Move Outlook Calendar and other attributes to another or new computer?

You can move Outlook Calendar along with other attributes like emails, contacts, notes etc. by a complete automated process. All you have to do is make use of Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate Tool.

Remo Backup and Migrate for Outlook is an exclusive tool developed to ensure safe backup of Outlook data and swift transfer of the same across devices and Outlook versions. The tool definitely is a necessity against the manual method of moving Outlook data. Download and try for yourself now.

download now to Recover Files from External Hard drive

If you have accidentally deleted contacts while exporting, you can recover deleted contacts from Outlook by going through the mentioned article.

Transfer Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar

The process of exporting Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar is can be divided into two parts, first one being exporting the calendar and the second one importing the calendar to Google Calendar:

Exporting Outlook Calendar

  • Open Outlook click on Calendar
  • Now click on file and select save calendar
    click on save calendar
  • Specify the name and location where you want to save and click on Save
  • After you click on Save you will be asked to mention date range
  • Mention the range and click on finish

Importing Outlook Calendar to Google

Now to import Outlook Calendar to Google  Calendar follow the simple instructions mentioned below:

  • Open Google Calendar and click on Settings
    click on settings
  • Select Import and Export
    click on import and export
  • Click on Select the file from your computer and now you can select the exported Outlook calendar
  • Click on import and that’s it you have successfully added exported Outlook Calendar to your Google Calendar


Final Thoughts:

All the above mentioned methods will certainly help you export your Outlook calendar. Amidst all the manual methods, the completely automated way of migrating Outlook using Remo is the best recommended method for a safe and swift backup and migration process.

Do let us know your thoughts on this article and do make use of the comments section below if you have any queries.

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