Microsoft Outlook not opening? 5 Ways To Solve Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook Error

With most of the professionals choosing Outlook to store their emails, contacts, appointments, notes etc. Microsoft Outlook has become an integral part of the workplace making their lives at work easier. Unfortunately, Outlook will also make your life at work tough with this “Cannot start Microsoft Outlook error”.

This article will let you know why your Microsoft Outlook is not opening and guides you to fix “cannot start Microsoft Outlook error” in simple steps.


Let us see why Microsoft Outlook is not opening?

Usually, the reason behind Outlook not opening might be because of an outdated version of Outlook or a damaged Outlook data file. Following are some of the reasons behind Outlook not opening:

  • You are trying to open an Outdated version of Outlook
  • Navigation Pane error
  • Your Outlook data file may be damaged or accidentally deleted
  • Defective add-in not letting Outlook to start
  • Outlook profile in need of repair

These are the possible reasons behind the “cannot start Microsoft error”. Now let us see the solution to fix Microsoft Outlook not opening problem.

Quick Solutions to fix Microsoft Outlook not opening error

    • Reset Outlook’s Navigation Pane
      Outlook’s navigation pane is the leftmost pane where you find the folders and icons to move between emails, contacts, notes, calendar etc.
      This pane can be customised by users according to their need and these customisation can cause some serious error that will lead to Outlook not opening error.

      • Close Outlook
      • Press “Win + R” button to open Run dialog box
      • Type outlook.exe /resetnavpane (note the blank space) and press OK
      • Restart your computer and start Outlook.
  • Check for defective add-ins in safe mode
    If the first solution doesn’t fix Microsoft Outlook not opening issue, the next solution is to check for defective add-ins that are integrated into Outlook. When you start Outlook in safe mode the add-ins are not loaded and hence it is easy to check if those add-ins are responsible for causing the Outlook not opening error.

    • Close Outlook
    • Press “Win + R” to open the Run dialog box
    • Type Outlook /safe (note the blank space) and press OK
    • In Choose profiles dialog box, select the default settings and click OK
    • Now to disable add-ins, click on files -> options -> Add-ins
    • Under view and manage Office add-ins, make sure that the com Add-ins are shown and select go.
    • To disable all the add-ins clear all the check boxes and press OK.
    • Click on file and Exit
    • Restart Outlook.

    If Outlook launches with no problem then it is because of any add-ins responsible for Microsoft Outlook not opening. You can manually enable one add-in at a time to see which add-in is causing the error.

  • Create a new Outlook profile
    Your Outlook profile will have Outlook settings, there are chances of that profile getting corrupted. To verify whether your profile or not you have to create a new profile.

    • Go to Control panel and select Mail
    • Under Mail Setup-Outlook, click on Show profiles and Add
    • Give a profile name and fill in the details (email id, password) and finish.
    • Under When starting Microsoft Outlook, use this profile select Prompt for a profile to be used option and click OK.
    • Restart Outlook in safe mode and in the drop-down list of choose profiles select the new profile you have created.
    • Close Outlook and restart Outlook normally.

    If Outlook starts normally with the new profile, then you should consider repairing your Outlook data file.

  • Repair Microsoft Outlook data file
    The penultimate solution to fix Microsoft Outlook not opening issue is to repair your Outlook data file. There are two types of Outlook data files namely PST and OST.
    If you are using an exchange email account, you can delete the offline Outlook data file that is OST file. This is because Outlook will recreate an OST file when you open Outlook program.There are higher chances of losing the data permanently.
    To avoid losing data consider converting OST to PST and follow the steps to repair PST file mentioned below.

i) How to repair PST file using scanpst.exe?
Note: By using scanpst.exe to repair PST file there are chances of losing your data completely. This is because the Microsoft’s inbox repair tool directly works on the original PST file while repairing it.
If you don’t want to take a risk of losing data or prefer a much simple solution you can skip this step and follow the steps on how to repair PST file using Remo Repair Outlook (PST).

Follow these steps to repair PST using Scanpst.exe:

    • Close Outlook
    • Go to disk drive in your computer (usually it will be C drive), you can find ScanPST.exe by following this path ProgramFiles\MicrosoftOffice\root\Office16.
    • Double-click on Scanpst.exe
    • In Microsoft Outlook Inbox repair tool window, you can either enter the name of the PST file or you can click on Browse and select PST file.If you are not aware of the location of the PST file, follow these steps to locate your PST file:
      • Open Outlook and Click on File.
      • Click on info and go to Account Settings.
      • Click on Data files and note down the name and path of the location of the file.
      • Close your Outlook.
    • Now Click on Start to begin the repair process.
    • After completion of the process, Open Outlook and create a new PST file.
    • You can copy the recovered files from your old PST file, they will be present in the Lost and Found folder.

If you are still not able to fix Microsoft Outlook not opening issue or not willing to put your data at risk by using Microsoft Inbox repair tool. There is a risk-free and efficient way of repairing PST file with Remo repair Outlook.
Remo Repair Outlook (PST) implements a risk-free process of repairing your PST file with a guarantee of not working on the original PST file. This way ensuring that user data is safe.

ii) How to repair PST file using Remo Repair Outlook?

Watch this video tutorial to easily repair PST file:

You can Follow this simple steps to repair PST file:

      • Download and Install Remo Repair Outlook (PST) for free.
      • Launch the software. The main screen with three different options will be displayed. Choose one as per your need:
        • Open Default PST File: This option will select the default location of the pst file
        • Select PST File Manually: Choose this option if you know the location of your PST file, you can manually enter the location here.
        • Find all your PST Files: This option will scan your computer and lists all the PST files. You can choose the one you want to repair.
      • In the next screen you will have two options:
        • Normal Scan: Choose this option if the severity of PST corruption is less.
        • Smart scan: Go for this option when you have deleted any Outlook data or if the level of corruption is high.

        Try this if the normal scan fails. Provide a destination to save repaired PST file.

      • Click on Repair to start the repair process. After completion, you will have a preview of all recovered Outlook items.

Now that you have successfully repaired PST file. You can delete the old PST file and import the new PST file into Outlook.
Thus Remo Repair Outlook (PST) simplifies the process of repairing the PST file with an added advantage of security to your data.

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