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SD Card

How to Fix GoPro SD Card Error

How to Fix GoPro SD Card Error?

GoPro SD card error is one of the most common SD card issues that you come across in GoPro cameras. This article has everything you need to know how to fix GoPro SD card error and also help you with formatting GoPro SD card. In case if you are looking for recovering data from SD card which is having issues, we recommend you to make use of a video recovery software - Remo Recover.

How to Fix SD Card Reader Error on Windows 10

How to Fix SD Card Reader Error on Windows 10

Smartphones might have ditched SD card, but Cameras still hold a special place to SD card. SD card readers, the medium between the computers and SD cards are the topic of interest today. Although the SD card reader failing was…

How to FixCorrupted SD Card via CHKDSK

How to Fix Corrupted SD Card via CHKDSK

There is nothing worse than your SD card getting corrupted. All your important video files, pictures, music files, documents, and other data present in the card becomes inaccessible. You don’t want to have a corrupted SD card lying around with…

How to Remove SD Card Virus without Formatting

Your SD card is infected with a virus, and you have lost access to all your important files stored in it. It is worrying because losing so many vital files is unthinkable. Well, SD cards are susceptible to virus infection…

What does the numbers on Memory Card Say

Plenty of memory cards are available in the market. Each memory card comes with different numbers on it. these determine the feature of the card. These also help you to select an appropriate memory card for your smartphone or DSLR…

Why is My SD Card Not Working?

In this article, we are going to discuss the signs of SD card corruption. In other words, understanding whether your SD card is corrupted or not. So by knowing the symptoms of SD card corruption, we can safeguard our important data to avoid data loss crisis, and also we can take immediate action to avoid card corruption.

6 Easy ways to Disable Write Protection in SD Cards

Many people have trouble copying and moving files into SD cards because of write protection and keep looking for a fix. Actually, the intention of Write protection is to avoid your SD card from being authorized by unnecessary write operations.…

Class 10 or Class 4 Memory Cards, which is best

We live in the digital era where memory cards are extensively used. Smartphones, digital cameras, laptops, music players, tablets, and other devices use memory cards for saving and transferring data. But did you know that not all memory cards are…

Fixing compact flash card issues

Fixing Compact Flash Cards Issues

Some of our best memories are captured in photos. And I’m sure most of you do go on those reminiscing journey with your photos may be from your school days, college days, summer camps etc. Yes, there truly are no…

Pros and Cons of Memory Card

Pros and Cons of a Memory Card

Memory Card! What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words memory card? A storage device, data backup, photos, music, important documents etc. There are a lot of things that flashed through your brain…