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Why should I Upgrade to Windows 10

6 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10 OS It is always advised to update your OS to the latest version. With ransomware scares, cyber-attacks, and other issues, upgrading to the latest Windows 10 OS seems to be a safe bet. However, if you are the kind who is still wondering ‘Why should I upgrade to Windows 10?’, then we tell you why you should. Read on… Windows 10 has improved in various features ranging from security, speed, compatibility, to interface. Also, with the return of the Start menu, Windows 10 is a chance for everybody to catch up on the

Files Missing from Windows 10 Quick Access- Solved

After upgrading to Windows 10, you might be aware of new feature i.e. Quick Access where you can see frequently visited folders or recently opened files. But, what will you do if suddenly files exist on your Quick Access folder go missing? Sometimes, files are just missing or disappeared from your Quick Access bar wherein other cases they will be permanently deleted from your computer. In case, files are just missing from Quick Access bar, then no need to worry, just follow the effective methods mentioned below to get them back in Quick Access bar: Method 1: Pin Folders Back

Steps to Locate Downloaded Files on Windows Phone

Accessing downloaded files in Windows Phone is a difficult task, in case memory card is not inserted in it. In Android phone, there is a separate folder named as Download which holds all the downloaded files, but in Windows Phone, there is no such folder. In order to access downloaded files, you need an app called Files. You will get this in Windows Phone Store. Once you successfully install Files from Windows Phone store, follow the steps mentioned below to access downloaded files. Swipe your Windows Phone start screen towards left to view list of all the apps Here, locate

Fix System Restore Error 0x80070091 in Windows 10

Many Windows 10 users have been having trouble with System Restore. The System Restore was not completed successfully, and they ended up encountering error 0x80070091. This is annoying and stops you from doing other work. Don’t worry; we will try and find a solution to fix this error message. Well, before we could head to fix the problem, let’s see what causes this error message during system restore in Windows 10. The main reason for error 0x80070091 is bad sectors on the external hard drive. One way to resolve this is to run a disk check to fix the error.

How to Set Active Partition on Windows

Well, an active partition is a computer boot partition, where the startup files of operating system are installed. Usually, the Partition C: in Windows systems is set as active partition by default. When the system is booted, operating system on active partition will perform drive image in order to assign drive letters to primary partitions and logical partitions. All primary partitions will be imaged first while logical drives are assigned according to subsequent letters. If you have multiple partitions with multiple operating systems, you can set the appropriate active partitions. You can change the active partition for Windows so that

Fix Windows 10 Couldn’t Update System Reserved Partition Error

System Reserved Partition (SRP) – a tiny partition on the hard disk that holds the information to boot for Windows. When this small partition is full, you will receive an error message “We couldn’t update system reserved partition”. Third-party antivirus application would have written to the SRP causing the space to be full. In this article, we will guide you on how to solve the System Reserved Partition error while upgrading to Windows 10. Alert: This procedure is little complicated and might carry the risk of data loss. If you enter a wrong command in the Command Prompt, you may

Easy Procedure to Install Windows 10 on Mac

Day by day Mac users are increasing due to its amazing features. However there are some users who love both Mac and Windows and want to use both OS simultaneously. If you are one of them who want to use Windows OS on Macintosh computer then here we are with complete details to help you in this. To install Windows 10 on your Mac machine, you will need to have the following: Mac machine on which you are planning to install Windows 10 OS A thumb drive with minimum 5 GB storage space One more computer which already runs Windows

Mirror Windows 10 Screen with Another Windows Device

Mirroring Windows 10 Screen There is an in-built feature in Windows 10 that allows mirroring its screen to another device connected to the same network. The device can be a streaming stick, a TV or another Windows PC. You just have to change some settings on your PC and the device you want to mirror. Sounds interesting right? In this article, we’ll show how to project one Windows 10 screen onto another Windows computer and here’s how it is done. How to Mirror Windows 10 PC to another Windows Computer? First, you have to change some settings on the other

System File Checker Tool

System File Checker (SFC.exe) is an Easy-to-use command prompt utility that checks for corrupted System files and replace them with good copy of the file. This Windows in-built tool is pretty good to run when there is any suspect on system files damage, or if you just think there’s something wrong with your system. How to Run System File Checker Tool? Open Command Prompt (Run as administrator) At Command Prompt window, type the command “sfc /scannow” to scan the system and then press Enter REMAINDER! The scanned results will be displayed once the process is 100% complete. So we recommend

Sync Your Settings on All Devices in Windows 10

Configuring Settings on every device is really a lengthy and tiresome process. Thankfully ‘Sync’ feature in Windows comes as a savior. Sync Settings was introduced with Windows 8.1 and continue to be an appreciated by the users. You can sync your apps and settings on all your Windows devices so that you don’t have to go through the process all over again when you re-install your operating system. Here’s how you can sync all your settings across Windows devices. Your Windows 10 operating system will take care of all the settings as soon you turn on the Sync feature. It