DIY Guide to Recover Data from Damaged Partition

What all would you try to undo the damage done to your hard drive and recover data? The answer is almost anything that is feasible. That is the value that data holds in one’s world. Damaged partition would mean losing access to a big chunk of important data stored on the computer. In this article you will find feasible DIY ideas to repair and recover data from damaged partition.A partition is just a logical segment created on the hard disk to make efficient use of the hard drive space. Damage to such partition can cause serious data loss. Recovering data

All in one guide to Recover Data from Hard Drive

How to recover data from hard drive

Data drives the current world we live in. I am sure everyone of you will have hundreds of gigabytes of personal data stored on a hard drive.  Unfortunately your hard drive is not always reliable. It can easily get damaged or corrupted making you lose all important data from hard drive. This Q & A guide is compiled to answer all the questions that you can possibly have regarding data loss on hard drives in the form of a quick solution to recover data from hard drive. What are the factors affecting data loss in hard drive? There are various

Three essential checklists to recover files from hard drive

Hard drives are home to store all our important files like photos, videos, documents, etc. Losing such important files from the hard drive can put you in deep trouble. This article provides you with a series of checklists on important steps to be followed when you have lost files on hard drive. Also guides you to easily recover files from hard drive. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to recover files from hard drive: Remo Recover is an award-winning data recovery software to recover files from hard drive. Download Remo Recover the most trusted and tried solution to recover

Two most practical approaches to recover data from deleted partition

Compiled with effective methods, this write up will present two practical approaches to recover deleted partition and recover data from deleted partition as listed below: Approach 1: Recover deleted partition using CMD Approach 2: Undelete partition using data recovery software A partition in a computer is logical segmentation of the physical storage space on hard drive. Hence when you delete a partition, the files in the allocated space labeled with a drive letter are also deleted. Partition loss due to deletion is peculiar because the deleted partition data does not end up in Recycle Bin. This indicates that you would

3 quick ways to recover iTunes music

iTunes music recovery

Music is the strongest form of magic, wish you knew some magic when you realise losing iTunes music. Trying to recover iTunes music doesn’t require any magic, this article is well compiled with various solutions to help you restore iTunes music. It is a known fact that iTunes is one of the most used music services across the world. Users spend hundreds of dollars every month to enjoy their favourite music. However losing music from iPod or computer makes you really feel bad. Let us see ways to recover iTunes music that is lost from iPod or computer. What is

How to recover data from formatted memory card in 5 clicks?

This article explains a unique method to safely recover formatted memory card files. The method is formulated with deep understanding of the format process that assists you to easily retrieve formatted memory card data(SD card) within few minutes. Integrated with a deep Scan algorithm, Remo Recover glides along every nook and corner of the SD card to locate, recognize the file and safely recover data from formatted SD card.              What happens to a memory card when you format it? A file system will predefine how data is routed and placed on physical sectors of a

A Beginners Guide to Recover Lost Data from SD card

This article will guide you to easily recover lost data from SD card. Memory cards like SD cards are well known for their affordability and portability. SD card is one of the most used storage device to save pictures, videos, documents etc. Be it your birthday video or an important document at work, you highly rely on SD cards to store them. No time to read? Watch this video tutorial to recover lost data from SD card. Is it possible to recover lost or deleted data from SD card? This is the question most of the users have when they

DIY: 5 Must Try Methods To Recover Deleted Files

5 must try methods to recover deleted files

If you are trying to recover deleted files, you are not the first. Quite a lot of people accidentally delete files and successfully recover them using various methods. Note: Stick to the end of the article to get a bonus tip on recovering unsaved or deleted Microsoft Office files. However the chances of deleted file recovery greatly depend on how the storage medium is handled after the files are deleted. “It is highly recommended to stop using the hard drive or at least the partition from which the files have been deleted. Follow the same caution for any storage media

[Solved]: How to Repair Outlook Crashes during Startup

Fix Outlook send receive error

Although Outlook is a great email application, many users encounter issues occasionally while using it. Outlook crashing during startup, hanging or freezing frequently and problems while sending emails are some of the most common problems users encounter while using Outlook. In this article let’s have a look at the solutions to fix Outlook crashes during startup problem. We cover some simple and effective solutions to resolve this problem, read on. Solutions to resolve Outlook crashes during startup Solution 1: Start Outlook in Safe Mode If your Outlook is crashing during startup or if it is stuck at a screen that

How to recover photos from deleted partition | A useful guide

“Thinking how to recover photos from deleted partition? Remo Recover (Windows/Mac) – Pro can recover photos from deleted or lost partition in 5 simple steps” Once you delete the partition intentionally or accidentally, you no longer will be able to access photos stored in that partition. Fortunately, there is an easy and feasible solution to retrieve pictures from deleted partition. We recommend you to download and use Remo Recover (Windows/Mac) – Pro tool to retrieve photos from hard drive. What happens after I delete a partition? After you delete the partition, storage space of that particular partition is assigned as unallocated