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How to Secure Data on a Failing Hard Drive

Hard drive failure is one of the worst thing and sometimes inevitable too. More than the drive, it’s your data that is in concern as your hard drive has all your data in it. You lose access to your entire files on it when HDD crashes. Hence, when you find some changes in your HDD the first thing you need to do is to secure data on a failing hard drive. However, before a crash or fail, your hard drive gives some indications of dying. Actions you perform in such situations, is what matters the most to save your data.

Microsoft Outlook not opening? 5 Ways To Solve Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook Error

With most of the professionals choosing Outlook to store their emails, contacts, appointments, notes etc. Microsoft Outlook has become an integral part of the workplace making their lives at work easier. Unfortunately, Outlook will also make your life at work tough with this “Cannot start Microsoft Outlook error”. This article will let you know why your Microsoft Outlook is not opening and guides you to fix “cannot start Microsoft Outlook error” in simple steps.   Let us see why Microsoft Outlook is not opening? Usually, the reason behind Outlook not opening might be because of an outdated version of Outlook or

Tips to share files and folders using Google Drive


If you are wondering about sharing a file among your teammates located across different geographical locations, then google drive takes your file to the receiver’s desk on time. Sharing files and folders in google drive is easy and convenient than other cloud storage platforms. Google Drive features such as, easy access by the receiver, file security, accessibility control also allows the user to share files and folders of any size with a another Gmail or even users of other email service providers. Whenever we upload a new file to our google drive it will get updated in the Google Drive sync folder

[FIXED] Restart to Repair Drive Errors on Windows

Windows errors are quiet common and there is no need to freak out unless it harms your data. Though some of these errors can be fixed just by restarting Windows PCs, some need chkdsk or other tools to fix them. However, few errors would start running in loop – eg. ‘Restart to Repair Drive Errors’, that won’t let you access your data until you restart PC after repairing drive. It doesn’t seem scary, but it is so when the error keeps appearing even after restarting Windows PCs several times. Usually, the error occurs after using error checking tool to fix

How safe is your data saved on cloud? Cloud Data Security- Explained


Cloud storage has become the global go to storage medium for everyone today. The rate at which enterprise users and day to day consumers are adopting cloud is off the charts. At this rate cloud storage is already playing a major role in every developing industry from block chain technology to machine learning. Hence cloud is not just future but it is also the means to attain future technology. However a growing concern among the users and potential adopters is to entrust cloud with confidential and sensitive information. A lot of scrutiny is over cloud data security. It is naturally

VLC not Playing MP4 Videos [SOLVED]

It’s just your bad day! VLC player is most widely used players and supports almost all sorts of video formats. Though MP4 is supported by VLC, there are times wherein your VLC player refuses to play your favourite video. This can be due to various reasons, may be you have an older VLC, videos settings are not enables and even your MP4 is corrupt! However, there are solutions to fix all such issues, just read ahead to know some easy methods to fix VLC not playing MP4 issue. In this process of fixing the issue the first thing you need

Comparing Free Cloud Storage | OneDrive vs Google Drive vs Dropbox


Data is the new oil they say, Cloud storage today has become you own personal oil tanker meaning an incredible means to store your personal data. With cloud storage gaining popularity, having your own cloud space is not a big deal anymore. However choosing the right cloud storage is a big deal as you put in a lot of money and considering security of your data. With many popular cloud storage providers like Google, Dropbox and OneDrive out there in the market, choosing the right cloud storage is not an easy task. This article will give you a brief insight

Effective tips to manage storage space in Onedrive:


Microsoft OneDrive is a great cloud storage solution for both personal and business use. OneDrive offers some unique features such as Annotate PDFs from your smartphone, Selective sync, Delve and more. But whenever OneDrive storage ticks the 5 GB mark, you start to worry about clearing the storage space to back up and save the new files from your personal computer or mobile. To overcome this, planning a basic routine to clean the cloud storage helps you to work with ease using Microsoft OneDrive. Don’t worry, you need not buy a storage optimizer as we have come up with a

Outlook PST File is not a Personal Folder File [SOLVED]

Generally, Outlook PST will throw such PST file is not a personal folder error while importing a backed up PST file or a split file. Whatever is the reason you will actually lose access to all your data on Outlook account. Here are some easy methods that would help you fix the personal folder error and access your Outlook emails and contacts easily. Easy methods to fix PST File is not a Personal Folder File Error on Outlook Method 1: Check Permissions Your Outlook can access / import PST files those only have read / write permissions. Files having read-only

A Complete Guide To Use Google Drive


With 15 GB of free cloud storage space, G-drive has been redefining personal cloud storage to a whole new level. Whether it is saving emails, photos, media or documents; Google Drive puts an end to all the storage management nightmares. Using G-drive to its fullest potential can land you in a different domain of ease and convenience. Aimed at making it a most comprehensive guide to use Google Drive, this article will further help you understand the lesser known features of Google Drive that guarantee your mastery of G-Drive management. The following are a few reasons why you should choose