How to make the External Hard drive compatible with Mac and Windows?

An external hard drive that supports both Windows and Mac operating systems can be extremely helpful to users who work on both the operating systems.  However, Windows was mainly optimized for NTFS (New Technology file system) format, on the other hand, APFS was created for the Mac OS.As we all know NTFS is not compatible with Mac and similarly APFS does not get along with Windows. Fortunately, you could create an external hard disk which is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS with the help of this article. This does not require any third-party application or assistance of any

How to Repair Corrupt AVI File on Mac?

Stuttering, freezing or improper audio and video synchronization indicates that your AVI video file is corrupt. The most common reason as to why an AVI file gets corrupted is incomplete information caused by interruptions while playing or transferring the file. Read this write-up keenly to learn how to repair corrupt AVI files on Mac. When the AVI file gets corrupted, it fails to play and prompt various errors. Let’s look at some of the causes that lead to corrupted AVI files on Mac: Frequently changing the file format to temporarily fix the video leads to corruption and inaccessibility Interruptions while

How to Export Outlook PST File to Another Computer

Outlook stores your email information in OST and PST data files. When you migrate or transfer your Outlook application, the data stored in the OST file can be easily migrated just by logging into your account on your new computer. Since the PST file is stored locally on your computer, you need to manually export the Outlook PST file to a new computer. Fortunately, Outlook provides users with the feasibility to export the PST file without requiring any third-party software. However, the process is complex.  Compiled with the information to help you export Outlook PST file to another computer this

End of file error on Photoshop [All You Need to Know]

You open one of your Photoshop documents and all of a sudden you see a popup error saying “could not complete your request because an unexpected end-of-file was encountered”. This is one of the most common errors frequently discussed in all the Photoshop users communities and forums. Additionally, there are various reasons why this error occurs. Tracking down the root cause of this error can be complicated. Fortunately, this article is compiled with all the information you require to fix the end of file error on your Photoshop. What is Unexpected End of File Error on Photoshop End of file

How To Transfer OST File To New Computer? | Complete Guide

OST stands for Offline Storage Table, these files are used to save Outlook data and work great for offline use. Microsoft Exchange Server enables users to work with their Outlook emails and other Outlook data with the help of the .ost file without connecting to the server. The changes you make to the OST file items are automatically synced after regaining access to the server. The possible ways to transfer OST file to new computer is by either converting OST to PST format or by directly migrating the OST file to a new or another computer using a secure tool

4 Quick Ways to Fix Error 0xc00d36c4

“I have a windows 7 computer upgraded to the free windows 10 upgraded a while back. The problem is when I plug in my USB and try to play things like my video files the operating system comes up with an error message Error Code 0xc00d36c4I have checked all online solutions like resetting WMP 12 ECT and the USB. What could be the possible issue? “ Well, if you have some video files on USB or any external drive and you encounter an error code 0xc00d36c4 while trying to play the video, then there can be a driver issue with the

How to Fix Common Photoshop Error Messages

Adobe Photoshop can return multiple errors while using the application. The errors could be due to a problem with the application or with the PSD file. Some common error messages such as “Photoshop scratch disk error”, “Could not complete your request because of a program error” or any other Photoshop error can have multiple causes.  By the end of this article, you will get to know about the common error messages on Adobe Photoshop and the troubleshooting steps to fix  Photoshop error messages. Steps to fix common error messages on Photoshop Some of the common errors and fixes are listed

Recover Data From un-mountable Drive on Mac

Volumes are the logical space in which data, system files, and other information is stored in macOS. While booting a Mac, all the local file systems in a volume are mounted on the operating system. In other words, a volume is mounted if the macOS is capable of reading and writing data on the disk. Hence mounting is the process in which the Mac operating system gathers information about the corresponding volume in order to gain access to the storage space in order to read and write information. Unfortunately, under some conditions, a volume or a drive may not get

How to Change Location of Outlook Data File

Microsoft Outlook is a feasible E-mail management tool that is programmed to work on two types of storage files. Personal Storage Table (PST) and Offline storage table (OST). PST data is stored on the client’s hard disk. Whereas, OST stores data offline on Microsoft Servers and also allows the user to make changes offline and synchronize the changes online when connected back to the internet. If you want to change the location of your Outlook data file due to various reasons like deficient storage space in the drive where the existing Outlook data is stored, or you may want to

Effective Way Recover HFS and HFS+ Partition.

HFS and HFS+ are one of the major file systems used in various Apple products like Mac computers, iPods etc. Even with the latest Mac file system called APFS, HFS+ is still widely used for its lower fragmentation and ease of compatibility. Data loss in these HFS partitions can happen due to accidental formatting, bad sectors, system crash or virus infections. HFS+ partition missing from the hard drive can be very unsettling, especially when you have important data in it. After following the complete set of instructions below you will be able to recover  HFS+ partition successfully, including all your