How to extract Multiple RAR files into one | Beginners Guide

When you have a multipart RAR file, an extraction might look tricky and confusing. Sometimes, if you download a RAR file on your Windows computer, you might find a series of additional or sub .rar files that are nothing but the multipart RAR files. But did you know that the main RAR file always ends with a .rar and the other sub/multipart RAR files end with some number?  Before you move on to extract multiple RAR files into one single file, let us try to understand how the main RAR file and multipart RAR files will look in the archive

WinWord Exe Application Error in Office 2016 - Solved

Microsoft Word 2016 is one of the most popular used applications of the Office Suites. WinWord.exe as we all know is an executable file name for Microsoft Word which is used when Word is launched. Nevertheless, due to many circumstances if you encounter “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000715). Click OK to close the application” or your Microsoft word crashing in this article below, you will learn the effective solutions on how to repair WinWord Exe application office 2016 error Before moving ahead with the solution let us first understand the common scenarios for your WinWord application office

How to Recover Deleted Photos from SD card?

Quick read: Now recover deleted photos from SD card without any hassle. Know how to get back your pictures from SD card with free tool of Microsoft and a powerful photo recovery software to ensure that you will not miss out on getting back each and everyone of your lost or deleted photos.  In this Article Free Way to Recover Deleted Photos from SD card Recover Deleted Photos from SD card on Windows Recovering Deleted Photos from SD card on Mac Note: Before you on to recovering photos, verify if you have any backup of photos on any other drive

Microsoft Word Keeps Crashing on Mac | 3 Proven Solution to Fix the Problem

Microsoft Word is a reliable widely used application to read and write documents. It also works flawlessly on all computers including MacBook. Despite its credibility, you face difficulties when the Microsoft Word keeps crashing on Mac or see error messages such as “Microsoft Word has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for this inconvenience.”. Luckily, there are safe troubleshooting steps you can follow inorder to solve this issue. To understand why MS word keeps crashing on Mac and solve this issue, stick till the end of the article. Why Does Microsoft Word Keep Crashing on Mac?

Microsoft Word Not Working? Know How to Fix Word has Stopped Working

When Microsoft Word encounters technical problems, it displays an error message stating that the Microsoft Word has stopped working. You might be wondering why MS word has stopped working? Well, this could be because of incompatibility between MS Word with the operating system, problems with the Add-in, or a corrupted word file. Fortunately, there are few workarounds that can fix this issue. The information given in the article will fix the MS word not working error on MS word 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and all the earlier versions. Suppose your Word has crashed unexpectedly in the middle of important work,

How to Email a Zip file? | Complete Guide

send a zip file in email

ZIP file is a renowned archive file format which is a compressed folder of more than one file or folder. ZIP files are not only easy to solve the complex problem of sending or emailing multiple large files at once but also allow users to download them in an organized manner with ease. Sending your ZIP files using Gmail or Outlook is very useful if you want to send large-size files or folders to your clients, team members, superintendents, etc. especially when you don’t want to share large files using Google Drive link. Below is a reliable way about how

iPod Stuck in Recovery Mode - How to Fix the Issue?

Remember listening to music on the iPod? Irrespective of which smartphone you have, it doesn’t come close to owning an iPod. So if you are one of those users who still use an iPod and facing problems like getting the iPod stuck in recovery mode, this article is for you.In this article, you will learn the effective solutions on how to restore your iPod which is stuck in Recovery mode What is iPod recovery mode? iPod recovery mode is when your iPod gets into an idle state with an Apple logo on the screen. It is either due to upgrading

Recover Permanently Deleted Photos - iPhone | Windows | Mac | Android

Summary: Permanently deleted photos from your Computer or Phone? Stop wondering about the possibility of restoring permanently deleted photos, because getting back your lost photos just got simpler. Yes, recover permanently deleted photos from Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android with Remo’s Photo Recovery Software in no time. 4 Quick Ways to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos Do make use of the table of contents below to directly move on to the required section.  Permanently Deleted Photos from iPhone Permanently Deleted Photos from Mac Permanently Deleted Photos from Windows Permanently Deleted Photos from Android SD card Restore Photos Using iTunes Backup Recover

How To Repair Video File | Corrupt | Damaged | Broken

Turning your corrupt, damaged or broken video file into a healthy playable video file had never been this simple. Find these completely free methods to repair video files without any hassle. Along with the hassle free ways to fix your corrupt video, the article introduces to you a industry leading video repair software, that you can try for free to repair video file.  Why is My Video File Not Playing?  You might have asked this question several times and failed to find an answer. Let us see what are common scenarios that lead to video corruption below, before we go

What to do When Microsoft Word Document is Not Opening?

Every Word file can be easily opened and accessed by simply double-clicking on the file; or by using right-click and choosing the Open option. But on some occasions, the Word document might not open properly with this simple method. However, if MS word has experienced an error while opening the file there are other workarounds that help fix this issue. Continue reading the article to know more about the causes and their solutions Why isn’t my MS Word file not opening? Your Word file is not opening because a default program is not assigned or the file could be corrupted.