How to Use Lightroom 6 with New Camera Models

All applications have a set life span and so does Lightroom 6. Adobe has stopped updating Lightroom 6 since December 2017. The app continues to work well with images captured on older cameras and devices. However, if you’re using a new camera released after Dec 2017, Lightroom does not work with these images. Continue using Lightroom 6 with new cameras Yes, you read that right. Even though Adobe has stopped updating Lightroom 6, it is possible to use Lightroom with your new RAW images by converting them to DNG. Why convert to DNG? RAW images are unprocessed images produced by

Are Smartphone Cameras Really Better than DSLR’s?

Whether DSLR’s are needed or are smartphones enough is really a heated topic for discussion. Some photography experts argue that smartphones are not even close to what DSLR’s has to offer. The first factor is the sensor size. DSLR sensors are pretty much 5 to 6 times larger than the size of a smartphone sensor and this is a major factor. The larger the sensor, the more light can enter and hence better picture quality. Smartphones take the hit in this regard. Secondly, the lens on a DSLR camera is much larger and better than one on a smartphone camera.

Steps to Unmount a Volume in Windows

Mounting a disk makes it accessible by the system. Unmounting a disk prevents your system from accessing any data and there is no risk of your disk getting disconnected during data transfer. Hence, before you remove your external storage device like a USB flash drive, you should first unmount it to avoid data corruption. Once your drive is unmounted, other storage devices can access it. Note that the file system will be inaccessible during regular reads and writes. How to unmount a volume? Let us see the procedure to unmount a volume using Disk Management. Press Windows+X A context menu

How to Fix “There is a problem with this drive” Error

Everyone wants a smooth functioning of their hard drives and computers. USB drives are among the most often used storage media to transfer data between two systems. There are times when you get an error after inserting your pen drive. This is what the error reads: “There’s a problem with this drive. Scan the drive now and fix it.” One of the reasons for this error is due to improper ejection of your USB drives or other removable media from your system. It is advised to always use the Eject option to unmount USB drive. Let us explore the solutions

Fix Hard Drive Showing 0 Bytes Error in Windows 10/8/7

Hard drives are meant to make our lives easier as far as data access is concerned. With every passing day, technological advancements ensure that we consumers are getting more data on our hard drives at a lower cost than a few years ago. While it is great for everyone involved, these devices do show errors on a few occasions, making it difficult to access data within them. One such error is the drive showing 0 bytes and you are not able to access any data. It is important for you to act quickly and recover all the data present on

Acoustic Attacks Damage Hard Drives and Crashes OS

Sounds have always been a source of entertainment, but are they turning into nightmares. Let us see how sound waves inflict damage upon a user’s hard disk drive and turn out into a real nightmare… Hard drives make an important part of our day to day lives, almost every technology has some use for hard drives. They hold most of our important data and have become a valuable asset for all of us. When these hard drives crash, taking away our data with it, things turn out to be worse. Reasons for a hard drive crash vary from malware attacks

Steps to Prevent Hard Drive Failures on Windows 10 System

We know that excessive use of anything can lead to an eventual wear and tear. Same applies in the case of your hard drives. Depending on how you use it, the hard drives can be used for a certain period of time. It is your responsibility to look after them with care or regret later, after suffering data loss. With that in mind, let us explore some methods you can employ to ensure your hard drives do not fail. Run chkdsk Windows chkdsk feature can overcome such problems as bad sectors, directory errors which can cause an unbootable drive. To

How to Fix SMART Hard Disk Error 301

Everyone wants a normal functioning computer. Any error while working on your system seems like the end of the world! It is seldom the case that any system is error-free. One such error which has caused some worry in users has been the SMART Hard disk error 301. Now, what is this error and how to overcome it? When you start your system, you will be greeted with the following error on screen: The above error indicates that your hard drive is failing and you have to take preventive steps like backing up data as soon as possible and replace

How to Set Up a Windows Partition on Your Mac with Boot Camp Assistant

Most users across the world use either Windows or Mac Operating system. They have their own reasons for choosing either of them. Well, now you can enjoy benefits of both on a single system! Yes. That’s right. With Mac’s Boot Camp Assistant, you can install Windows on your Mac system. Once the installation is complete, you can seamlessly shift between macOS and Windows. First things first. These are the requirements for having Windows on your Mac. (i) Intel-based Mac. (ii)A disk image (ISO) of a 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows 8 or later. Go for a full installation and not

Solved – PST File is not Showing Emails in Outlook 2016

Outlook is one of the best email clients out there. With a ton of features, user base keeps increasing by the day. One of the issues that have troubled some users of Outlook 2016 has been of PST file not showing emails. You downloaded all your emails to IMAP on your Outlook 2016 account and then exported the emails folder to a PST file. The file size has come to let’s say, 4 GB. When you open your Outlook PST file, there are no emails. If you encountered something similar or any other error that prevented access of your Outlook