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How to Fix Memory Card not Formatted Error

You have so many photos, videos, and songs stored on your memory card. So any problem with the card, and you risk losing all the files. One such issue is when you get an error message saying memory card not formatted when you try to access the card. This is a worrisome situation. But don’t fret; you are not alone. Many users face such issues with memory cards. You just need to know the right solution to the problem. Well, we are here for just that. When you get the error message that memory card is not formatted, you need

Know the Difference Between JPG and JPEG Files

JPEG JPEG or Joint Photographic Experts Group is one of the most popular image formats used by digital cameras, other photo capturing devices. It is also commonly used to store and transmit photographic images on the internet. JPEG files have a file extension of .jpg or .jpeg. JPEG is a bitmap compression format, most commonly used for lossy compression, with compression ratios ranging from 10:1 to 20:1. This compression ratio can be modified, meaning you can adjust your own balance between storage size and quality. Like ZIP files use redundancies in files to achieve compression, JPEG does it by removing

How to Repair Track 0 Bad Sector and Recover Lost Data

What is track 0? Track 0 is an area located at the beginning of a disk. It is mainly used to store information regarding the layout of the disk and the code needs to boot OS. The first sector of Track 0 is known as the Master Boot Record (MBR). MBR contains the code used to boot OS and towards the end of MBR is the partition table which contains the layout of the disk. Track 0 is an area outside of the file system, not accessible by users and hence, cannot be modified easily. However, it can still get

How to Resolve Windows 10 Upgrade Errors

Windows 8 got mixed reviews post its release in late October 2012. Users were eager to try their hands on Windows 10 marketed with lots of improvement over its predecessor. Most critics liked the combination of having the desktop based interface, in-line with earlier versions of Windows and tablet-based approach used in Windows 8. Upon its initial release, Windows 10 Anniversary update reached out to around 350 million devices around the world. Building an Operating system is far from being easy and users often face issues in the form of errors, bugs that prevent from having a successful installation. Issues

Easy Methods to Fix “APFS Volume Superblock is invalid” Error

Even though Disk Utility can help in resolving the minor errors on Mac, there are still some relatively serious errors that can’t be resolved using that utility. When you check the drive with Disk Utility, one of the error messages that you may get is “APFS volume superblock is invalid”. If you want to understand what “APFS Volume superblock is invalid” error, this means, you should first know what is superblock! So a Superblock is a record of some basic characteristics of the file system, including its size, block size, empty and filled blocks and their respective counts, the disk

How to Print Multiple Photos on One Page in Photoshop

Collage is placing multiple photos on a single space. You can choose a variety of similar or different size pictures to customize your collage. In order to make a collage in Photoshop, you need a Picture Package plugin. Follow the steps below to create a collage in Photoshop. Steps to print multiple photos on one page in Photoshop Download and install Picture Package plugin Run Photoshop and choose File > Automate > Picture Package. You can drag and drop images into the placeholder or click a placeholder in the preview and browse to select an image. Select page size, layout,

Steps to Mount External Hard Drive and Recover Deleted Files from Trash

When files get deleted from Mac internal hard drive, they will be moved to a Trash folder from which one can easily restore deleted files, if they need it in any case. But, what if files get deleted from the external hard drive when they connected to Mac system? Well! you can also get back files deleted from the external hard drive from Mac trash, only if the external hard drive is mounted as a local drive. What Is Meant by Mounting a Drive? To make your external drive accessible by computer first, make it accessible through the computer’s file

6 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10 OS

It is always advised to update your OS to the latest version. With ransomware scares, cyber-attacks, and other issues upgrading to the latest Windows 10 OS seems to be a safe bet. However, if you are the kind who is still wondering ‘Why should I upgrade to Windows 10?’, then we tell you why you should. Read on… Windows 10 has improved in various features ranging from security, speed, compatibility, to an interface. Also, with the return of the Start menu, Windows 10 is a chance for everybody to catch up on the performance, features, and security advances which they

Hidden Features of Sierra you need to Know

This guide to macOS Sierra tricks, tips, and hidden features will make your Apple software experience better. Not everything about Sierra was revealed at the WWDC keynote when Apple launched iOS. The beauty was hidden with the operating system. Whether you are a pro user or a novice, here are some of the hidden features that will make you happy when you update to macOS Sierra. Hidden Features of macOS Sierra you didn’t know about #Siri control At the keynote, Apple just revealed about the things what Siri can do on iOS. But Siri can also perform some other commands

Fix Hard Drive Error Code 2000 0142

It is the computer’s productivity, which is responsible for you to carry out all the work smoothly. It is one of the great advantages, but if the computers or their hard drives fail, they seem to be nothing more than a stupid box! Experiencing a fault code like Hard Drive Failure: 2000 0142 indicates that there is something wrong with your computer hard drive. Well, this could be due to CPU failure, operating system crash, hard drive failure to pass a self-test, and many others. However, a hard disk error sounds like something that cannot be fixed, but it can give